Bullyville Wins Against Rauhauser…Again

The lawsuit between Neal Rauhauser and Bullyville (James McGibney) has been going on for years, making it all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, but that’s where Rauhauser’s petition was denied today. We’ve come a long way from the judgment day when narcoleptic Judge Cosby awarded Rauhauser a million dollars in sanctions, the highest amount ever awarded in an anti-SLAPP suit in the United States, plus over $300,000 in legal fees. I remember Neal telling everyone about his million dollar award, slipping it into conversations on social media, bragging about it in his blog posts, sending out press releases, … Continue reading Bullyville Wins Against Rauhauser…Again

Rauhauser Files Hail Mary Petition In Bullyville Law Suit

  No, the Rauhauser v. Bullyville lawsuit isn’t over yet. In the last episode, the Court of Appeals overturned much of the lower court’s judgment against Bullyville aka James McGibney. This left Rauhauser with awards and sanctions of $0.00, which he justly deserved. The judges of the 2nd Court of Appeals also felt that Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell of the Hantzen Laporte lawfirm, had padded his legal fees so they sent the issue of legal fees back to the lower court to settle on fair and just amount to be paid…without all the extras Dorrell added. So that should have about wrapped things … Continue reading Rauhauser Files Hail Mary Petition In Bullyville Law Suit

Happy Birthday Neal!

Yes, today is the birthday of my very dear friend, Neal Rauhauser! In case you haven’t heard yet, Neal received a very special present from Bullyville and the Texas Court of Appeals. Bullyville won his appeal against Neal and the Appeals Judges further reduced the sanctions awarded to Neal all the way down to a big fat zero! Neal was originally awarded one million dollars, the highest sanction ever awarded in an anti-SLAPP suit.  So maybe the Appellate court officially turning Neal from a millionaire back to a pauper doesn’t sound like much of a present, but if you know anything … Continue reading Happy Birthday Neal!

Bullyville Wins Appeal!

Today, at long last, the Texas Appellate court reversed the decision in the Rauhauser v McGibney (Bullyville). You can see the short version below but what this means is that although Rauhauser won the lawsuit, the monetary and non-monetary sanctions against McGibney have been overturned. And what that means is the “precedent setting” monetary award of ONE MEELYUN DOLLAHS first awarded to Rauhauser, that ONE MEELYUN DOLLAHS he bragged about and used to promote himself which ended up getting whittled down to 150,000, was reduced once again by the appellate court to: $0.00. The non-monetary awards of McGibney’s websites was reversed too. … Continue reading Bullyville Wins Appeal!

Bucky And Neal; April, 2017

I’ve been cleaning out my files and posting things here on Irontroll that are interesting or might be useful in the near future. This conversation took place in April of 2017. Bucky is looking for dirt on James McGibney aka Bullyville. I don’t know of any refund request or refusal other than Marcie herself saying it happened. I thought these tweets were interesting because they show Bucky and Neal were in touch with the admin of the revenge porn website, ViaViewFiles. Continue reading Bucky And Neal; April, 2017

Infamous Birther Zapem Joins Team Siggy

Goodness Gracious! The never ending Siggy Flicker Vinnie Spina Scandal just keeps getting more and more bizarre! The latest development is that infamous Obama Birther and Anti-Semite, Zapem, is the newest member of Team Siggy using an account called @Deplorabelle! We captured just a few of Deplorabelle’s anti-Semitic tweets and posted them down below the break. She doesn’t actually hate Jews, she just thinks they aren’t real Jews. Yes! Imposter Jews! She’s also anti Transgender and anti Gay. Zapem aka Deplorabelle is an old nemesis of IronTroll. Her name is Joanne Joy, she lives in Clark, New Jersey where she’s … Continue reading Infamous Birther Zapem Joins Team Siggy

Sang Haz Ur (SSN) Number

This IRC chat involving Nachash and Sanguinarious Rose (William Welna) is from many, many years ago. Way back when Sang and Girl Friday were an eCouple, before she dumped him and ended up with his hard drive with IRC logs like the one below. In this log, Nachash is aware that Sang has access to Social Security Numbers and Sang admits that he does have access through a friend. The IRC log dates back to a time before Neal Rauhauser became Sang’s buddy after Sang had considered Neal an enemy for years. It’s back before Sang and Zapem (Joanne Joy) … Continue reading Sang Haz Ur (SSN) Number

Texas Lawyer Lawyers Up

Texas attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, best known as Neal Rauhauser’s attorney in his lawsuit with Bullyville, has retained the services of one of the top defense attorneys in Texas. Dorrell, an attorney with the Hanszen Laporte firm, was ordered to appear before a Texas Grand Jury on Wednesday to answer questions regarding the nature of his relationship with felon Thomas Retzlaff. It’s believed there’s an investigation as to whether Dorrell and Retzlaff conspired in any way in Retzlaff’s harassment and intimidation of lawyer’s that have opposed Dorrell in the courtroom. With the prospect of a possible felony indictment by the Grand … Continue reading Texas Lawyer Lawyers Up

Rauhauser Lawsuit In Trouble, So Is His Attorney

Yesterday a Texas Grand Jury questioned Neal Rauhauser’s attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, about the nature of his relationship with felon, Thomas Retzlaff. It looks like Dorrell could be in big trouble. Big, big trouble. You can get a hint of what’s brewing in this article in the South East Texas Record. We’ve been reporting on Dorrell and Retzlaff for years because of the lawsuit between Rauhauser and Bullyville. If you recall, Retzlaff posed as an attorney and went to GoDaddy in person and conned them into giving him web domains that belonged to Bullyville aka James McGibney. There were emails between … Continue reading Rauhauser Lawsuit In Trouble, So Is His Attorney