Occupy Rebellion and Ron Brynaert; May 2013

Occupy Rebellion aka Sheridan is believed to have been a group account but was famous for her rage rants. She was also one of a small group that believed Anthony Weiner was framed the first time he got caught tweeting pictures of his naughty parts on Twitter. Not long after Weinergate came SWATgate when several conservative bloggers were SWATted. Ron was accused of being the SWATter even though that made no sense. The Sheridan Rant below was most likely in response to this tweet from Ron: Continue reading Occupy Rebellion and Ron Brynaert; May 2013

Rauhauser Rants; August 18th, 2013

This is the final Screencap from Neal Rauhauser’s epic blog post Anatomy of an FBI Sting Operation of August, 2013. He rewrote the post several times during the evening as he attempted to convince the world he was the victim of a conspiracy.  As he changed the blog post he had a Twitter audience that mocked and criticized his silly attempt to talk his way out of a mess that he created. Continue reading Rauhauser Rants; August 18th, 2013

Dance Harder Bitches

Part of Retzlaff’s contempt of court trial on Thursday dealt with Retzlaff’s motion to quash a subpoena that would allow ViaView access to records for Retzlaff’s suspended WordPress blogs. The judge ruled against Tommy…again. So in a few weeks all records for BVfiles, McGibneyFiles and ViaViewfiles will be in the hands of Bullyville aka James McGibney. Those blogs were suspended for posting death threats, threats of violence and personal information in violation of WordPress terms of service. The subpoena was issued as a result of Retzlaff’s contempt violation which makes the records request a criminal matter rather than a civil one. … Continue reading Dance Harder Bitches

Oops! MissAnonNews Tries To Hack Me

Ohai Peeples!I was ever so surprised to receive an email from a website called LastPass yesterday afternoon. LastPass was notifying me that my Adobe account was one of the millions leaked when Adobe was hacked last month. I was very very shocked! I hadn’t heard that Adobe was hacked and didn’t even remember having an Adobe account! According to LastPass someone, not me but allegedly a human, had used my email addess to verify that my account credentials were leaked. Golly! I guess someone was concerned that my address, credit card and bank info might be posted somewhere so they thought … Continue reading Oops! MissAnonNews Tries To Hack Me

MissAnonNews Emails With Jay Leiderman

The lovely Miss Amelia Sanaka, her cat Ginger and Jay Leiderman After being named a defendant in the ViaView lawsuit, MissAnonNews wrote emails to attorney, Jay Leiderman to explain she would be unable to appear in court.  It seems MissAnonNews who called herself Amelia Sanaka (I wonder why she didn’t use her old name Selene?)  was severly disabled and unable to speak by phone. The judge ordered “Amelia” aka MissAnonNews to show up in court in person. But she couldn’t do that because she died. Neal said so. Don’t be sad though, her death wasn’t one of those RIP forever, funeral and … Continue reading MissAnonNews Emails With Jay Leiderman

GoSocialNow Account, Commissions and Reviews

These are some of the commissions from fiverr.com made by the GoSocialNow account belonging to Melissa Brewer along with reviews she gave to the creators of the work she had done. All of the commissioned work can be found on sites/accounts owned by Melissa Brewer.Except for the lady wearing the horsehead, that video was posted on the Twitter @JohnDoe10999 account.And except for the Big Boob lady in the last picture at the bottom. That picture was used on Thomas Retzlaffs libel blog, ViaViewFiles. From Fiverr.com, these are people who did work for Melissa and the reviews she gave them: Continue reading GoSocialNow Account, Commissions and Reviews

MissAnonNews OccupyRebellion Unmasked

I would like to tell you a very, very interesting story. Once upon a time there was a very important person on the internetz named Selene. On Twitter she called herself MissAnonNews. Selene was the very first member of Anonymous… because she said so. @MissAnonNews I fight on my own. I’m not the coward who runs to others for help.Come after me, you deal with the consequences. no one knows who I am. = check master troll = check different personas = check I was Anonymous before there was an #Anonymous. twitter.com/missanonnews/status/358431340795928578 Selene wasn’t like other people, somehow she managed to scream in … Continue reading MissAnonNews OccupyRebellion Unmasked

Take The MissAnonNews Tweet Challenge!

It’s been believed for years that Twitter accounts OccupyRebellion and MissAnonNews were group accounts operated by several individuals including the anonymous porn blogger known as Darrah Ford and Neal Rauhauser. See if you can figure out which tweets belong to @OccupyRebellion, @MissAnonNews, @DarrahFord and @CatsrImportant 1.  Pick up the phone and call me Bullyville! or have you finally figured it out asshole that you’ve been fed a faildox by right-wing bloggers? 2.  They’re after me because I call out Bullyville’s bullshit targeting me over Kate Gosselin. 3.  You’re all going to prison and you’re all going to lose every dime … Continue reading Take The MissAnonNews Tweet Challenge!