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Potato Plots; Hacking UniteBlue With TrinaCuppett, Karoli,OmegleWarden; May 8th, 2013

While the following conversation took place, the UniteBlue website was scanned (illegally) for vulnerabilities and the results were put on pastebin. Justin Dobbs aka OmegleWarden had pledged to take the UniteBlue website down on May 9th, 2013 and was expecting the media in his home state of Indiana to show up. Fortunately Dobbs did some research and found out the information

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PoliticolNews TimeLine, 2013

@PoliticolNews aka Teri Salvador of Canada is a nut job. Many of her attacks on UniteBlue were based on pure ignorance of how Twitter works. Teri is a conspiracy theorist who believes 911 was an inside job and vaccinations are a plot by Big Pharmacy. @OmegleWarden 6 d ago@Karoli @Politicolnews @TrinaCuppett @GlobalRevOrg @DkChoco #UniteBlue #d0x’d family, supports #pedo Bill Talley http://t.co/Y7pUHmSp70

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