The Evolution of OpTrollBill

Neal has dredged up the days of OpTrollBill to brag that he took over the OpTrollBill account to “clean things up”.  The graphic below was taken from a third party site and shows that whatever account Neal took over, it wasn’t the real OpTrollBill. And he didn’t clean anything up. Nor did he take care of William Talley. It’s typical Neal inserting himself so he can get some efame.Neals Rauhauser‏@nrauhauser @Arpey_Actual @canadianglen It’s been a while & @Political_Bill ain’t suing anybody I didn’t run @OpTrollBill but I had it last for cleanup6:53 PM – 22 Mar 2016 Neals Rauhauser‏@nrauhauser @Arpey_Actual … Continue reading The Evolution of OpTrollBill

EileenLeft Connects The Left, 2013

This was EileenLeft’s list of Connect The Left members in 2013. It was a great idea but the reality is that after several years of “connecting” she had 1090 members and probably alienated just as many. A couple of notable names are PoliticolNews, the nut job from Canada who had to ask what the difference was between Republicans and Democrats. And also Politicol_Bill aka William Talley who was, at the time, fighting charges of possession of child porn and narcotics. Though some members of Connect The Left were aware of Talley’s court battles, his secret was kept for 5 months … Continue reading EileenLeft Connects The Left, 2013

Tweets From The Original, Infamous OpUniteBlue; Part 3

Using assorted despicable methods, Trina Cuppett and members of ConnectTheLeft stomped on the civil rights of UniteBlue members as they tried to smear UniteBlue and destroy the organization. The @OpUniteBlue Twitter account (which has nothing to do with this website or Uniteblue) was most likely created by @DevinMillington, the webmaster of, who initiated the Operation UniteBlue on Twitter on March 8. TrueBlue Liberal @OpUniteBlue 9 Mar TrueBlue Liberal @OpUniteBlue 9 Mar@TrinaCuppett Will do. Details 17 : 13 Details 17 : 13 MEL – SUBURBAN REBEL @ARSMEL 9 Mar MEL – SUBURBAN REBEL @ARSMEL 9 Mar@OpUniteBlue I just see no evidence … Continue reading Tweets From The Original, Infamous OpUniteBlue; Part 3

Shoq Addresses Zach February 26th, 2013

Just my personal reaction, but reading a tweet by Shoq is like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. Shoq was one of the writers for smear blog, UniteThis…but that’s a secret. Despite all his bleatings and blatherings about politics, Shoq doesn’t really comprehend how true Grass Roots organization work. A fully formed organization with all the kinks worked out wouldn’t be grass roots. Best quote from Shoq in this post:  “I am certainly not going to expend any time or bullets attacking you or UB over a difference of opinion” He’s such an ass. My reply to Zach Green about UniteBlue … Continue reading Shoq Addresses Zach February 26th, 2013

TarotDarrow Plots With Neal Rauhauser

Former UniteBlue member who left to join the anti-UB cabal, TarotDarrow, whispers in Neal’s ear  Neal Rauhauser ‏@NealRauhauser 28 Sep @TarotDarrow That pretty much confirms what I already knew, except for the last little bit. Say more about that when you have time.  Neal Rauhauser ‏@NealRauhauser 28 Sep @TarotDarrow There are many foolish people with Twitter accounts. Got a specific name for me? Following for DM …  Neal Rauhauser ‏@NealRauhauser 28 Sep @TarotDarrow If you know something I don’t about @prison4you I’d love to hear it. Caveat: goes straight to the FBI. @TarotDarrow RT @NealRauhauser: @OsborneInk @AdversAerial @Karoli Setup clearly … Continue reading TarotDarrow Plots With Neal Rauhauser

Twitter Profile Changes of Devin Millington

Devin Millington is on EileenLeft’s ConnectTheLeft list of members. As a website developer,  Devin was a major contributor to OpUniteBlue and created the website BlueUnite that went with the Op. On the site Devin created a page with the Twitter feeds of several of us who were defending UniteBlue. That backfired on Devin and his crew since we knew our feeds were being broadcast. It was like being handed the microphone on karaoke night at the club. We put on a show.This post shows the changes on Devin’s Twitter biography over the last year. Devin eventually had a change of heart … Continue reading Twitter Profile Changes of Devin Millington

EileenLeft Fighting Behind The Scenes or Hiding Behind The Curtain? Feb25, 2013

Rather than fighting behind the scenes (and publicly) EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks could have been contacting the 1090 members on her “list” and regenerating CTL.  Granted, she did a lot of work to generate that list but in reality after several years that’s all CTL was… a list…and a hashtag. Checking other posts in the EileenLeft category you can see that she stopped trying to connect the left in favor of encouraging attacks on UniteBlue and members. Basically your typical hypocritical, political wannabe somebody upset cuz somebody else might share her spotlight. Eileen Left™ ‏@EileenLeft 25 Feb 2013 @Mozi_N @kittyFitz50 I’ve … Continue reading EileenLeft Fighting Behind The Scenes or Hiding Behind The Curtain? Feb25, 2013

About OpUniteBlue

On March 8th, 2013, a very odd, confusing campaign began to destroy the Liberal political group UniteBlue. Called OpUniteBlue, it was started by a few disgruntled members of another group called, ironically, Connect The Left. This group managed to manipulate members of Anonymous to join their battle and collaborated with members of another group called TGDN all in an effort to destroy UniteBlue. And through it all, fanning the flames of this Twitter war, was a group dubbed The Cabal. OpUniteBlue was not a success, UB members fought back and Anonymous realized they’d been duped into being someone’s personal army … Continue reading About OpUniteBlue

First Attack On UniteBlue OpUniteBlue Hashtag; March 8th, 9th 2013

Originally OpUniteBlue was an operation to take down (destroy) the liberal organization UniteBlue. The attack was planned by members of ConnectTheLeft including it’s founder EileenLeft along with DevinMillington and TrinaCuppett.The attack began on March 8th and part of this insanity was the outing of Bill Talley- on March 9th- as having a pending court case involving the possession of child pornography. These are the tweets from March 8th, the official start of #OpUniteBlue, and March 9th.  The name was later changed to BlueUnite since someone (SDzzz!) had registed a website in that name before they could. Note that nobody asks what the … Continue reading First Attack On UniteBlue OpUniteBlue Hashtag; March 8th, 9th 2013

EileenLeft Defends The Smear Blog UniteThis ; July 3, 2013

Like many liberals, Will aka @NextRoundup, was caught between a rock and a hardplace. EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks took it as a personal affront if anyone from her group ConnectTheLeft wanted to join UniteBlue. Though there certainly isn’t a shortage of liberals, EileenLeft decided to take the low road by making false statements and creating a lot of drama about UniteBlue. Because of his perceived disloyalty to EileenLeft, Will was punished. His phone was hacked and passwords were stolen which allowed illegal access to his private website. Nude pictures were stolen and posted on Neal Rauhauser’s Fameball wordpress blog. Will was smeared, … Continue reading EileenLeft Defends The Smear Blog UniteThis ; July 3, 2013