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The Conspiracy Theories of PoliticolNews; March 15, 2013

PoliticolNews is Canadian Teri Salvador who started a political blog without knowing a thing about American politics. Hiding behind the name Peter Neisman, she used her blog Politicolnews.com to advance her weird conspiracy theories: Vaccinations were a plot by big pharma, 911 was an inside job, etc. She’s as loopy as Alex Jones.¬†Below she accuses UniteBlue and founder Zach Green

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Munshower Starts Attack on UnitedLiberals May 17, 2013

Occassionally some Twitter accounts go viral and amass a great number of followers. Sometimes they buy followers. Whatever the case, @UnitedLiberals was a partisan Left account with 50,000 followers. The account was not affiliated with UniteBlue other than being a member.Suzanne Munshower is a chronic Twitter Snarkist who joined in the attempt to destroy the liberal organization UniteBlue. She decided

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