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The Obsession Of Finndango

These tweets were scraped on April 11, 2015 from the timeline of @finndango aka Tami Vaher. There are 3,043 tweets including her retweets.  Tami is one of the Kate Gosselin haters. She thinks Gosselin is a child abuser.With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of keywords in Tami Vaher tweets: toddler is mentioned 7 times  babies is mentioned 7 child abuse

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More Deleted SoNotJenny Tweets

The Twitter account SoNotJenny PMK was originally PimpMyKids before it was suspended. She’s been a Kate Gosselin troll for many years and is mentioned on the Bullyville website. TeamTR mentioned in the first tweet below refers to Thomas Retzlaff the defendant in the ViaView (Bullyville) lawsuit in California. Several of the K8H8ers have teamed up with serial stalker Retzlaff despite his

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Tami

In case you missed it, Tami Vaher sent a Valentine’s Day tweet. She’s such a sweet grandmother Tami‏@finndango Happy Valentine’s Day you McGibney losers. May you all get laid (by someone other than each other) to distract u from your butthurt anger. Reply Retweet Favorite More <div class="simple-tweet tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-profile-popup-actionable descendant " data-component-context="replies" data-disclosure-type="" data-expanded-footer=" 11:30 AM –

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Another Conversation With Neal Rauhauser and K8 H8er PMK

Neal and PMK (aka Pimp My Kids) discuss assorted lawyers. qaster . @RealityForger ・Feb 20 @PMK1_ Hello Nancy, get a chance to read the latest anti-SLAPP article about Morgan? Reply“RetweetFavorite qaster SUMMIT TO MY WILL! @PMK1_ ・Feb 20 @RealityForger it’s Esmerelda Emily and yes, Dean was in rare form tonight. It was hysterical, and go JD! Morgan sees him in his nightmares. Reply“RetweetFavorite qaster . @RealityForger ・Feb 20

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PMK Visits Houston

After a long conversation with Neal Rauhauser (found here in RealityForger‘s timeline), PMK1_ aka Pimp My Kids has arrived in Houston, coincidentally where Neal’s lawyer resides. <div class="simple-tweet tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-profile-popup-actionable has-cards has-native-media ancestor hidden-ancestor " data-card-type="photo" data-component-context="conversation" data-disclosure-type="" data-expanded-footer=" 12:16 PM – 28 Feb 2015 · Details ” data-has-cards=”true” data-has-native-media=”true” data-item-id=”571720640056721408″ data-name=”WHERE’S MY KATIE?!” data-screen-name=”PMK1_” data-tweet-id=”571720640056721408″ data-user-id=”2964806339″ data-you-block=”false”

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