Cindy Hyde Smith and Mike Espy Appear On Iron Troll

Zile Ohai interviews Cindy Hyde Smith and Mike Espy before Trump’s rally in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Hyde Smith and Espy are candidates in a run off election for the Senate being held Tuesday, November 27th. Hyde Smith was supposed to easily win the Senate seat on November 6th but a series of faux pas on her part has put her in jeopardy of losing to a Black Democrat. Since the video was made, several more corporations have asked for their campaign donations to be returned. Major League Baseball and Google want their money back. Continue reading Cindy Hyde Smith and Mike Espy Appear On Iron Troll

Was Jason Lee Van Dyke Framed?

If I understand the latest episode in the Texas Shit Show starring the poster children of the Alt Right, Jason Lee Van Dyke and Tom Retzlaff, it looks like somebody stole some guns from Jason. Jason and his roommate searched their home but couldn’t find the missing guns. For some reason that would only make sense in Texas, it appears Jason decided the crime scene shouldn’t be in his house or wasn’t dramatic enough so later that day he took a brick and smashed the windows on his truck to make it look like the guns were stolen from his vehicle. … Continue reading Was Jason Lee Van Dyke Framed?

Popehat Declines

The legal gunfight between Tom Retzlaff and Jason Van Dyke continues in Texas but they also have another battle going online. Jason comments about Retzlaff on his Instagram and Retzlaff uses his blog to post articles and comments about Van Dyke. Fun! Retzlaff has been the defendant in a lot of harassment and stalking cases over the last twenty years so he’s an old pro at cyberstalking. He doesn’t let a little thing like a court case stop him from trolling. Retzlaff was declared a vexatious litigant in Texas because he kept filing frivolous lawsuits in order to harass people. … Continue reading Popehat Declines


Bless your little heart but no, a Cease and Desist letter does not mean you should start posting screen captures showing that you’re the actual victim and the other person is the villain. Because if you’re doing that you’re neither ceasing or desisting, you’re actually continuing. You might want to ignore what Disbarred Lawyer says and check the definition carefully and make sure you understand what it means and then consider what the consequences might be for you specifically. It’s not a game anymore, sweetie. Shit’s real now. Continue reading #JustSaying

Million Trump March #TangoDown; June, 2017

June 30th was supposed to be the day for the Million Trump March. If you were thinking that maybe this strangely named event might have been for Gay Pride month where gays show support for Trump, you’d be very wrong. Though attendance would have been the same. The event was cancelled in April due to fraud and anyone who contributed to the Million Trump March GoFundMe account should have had their money refunded by now. The Million Trump March was the brain child of 0hour1 whose real name is Fiore DiPietrantonio but who also goes by the name Brian Austin … Continue reading Million Trump March #TangoDown; June, 2017

The Best, But Worst Trump Parody Account Ever

Trump often uses his Twitter account to act out like a spoiled 6 year old after a candy binge, give himself accolades for dubious accomplishments, and to be a total douche bag to people he doesn’t like. So it was a bit of a side eye moment when Sean Spicer informed the world that Trump’s personal Twitter account should be considered official statements by the POTUS. So naturally there is now a Twitter account that takes Trump’s tweets and embeds them so that they appear like official press releases. It’s a brilliant idea but at the same time it makes … Continue reading The Best, But Worst Trump Parody Account Ever

Radioactive Rauhauser, The Consequences Of Dumb

For years Neal Rauhauser has been complaining about his health. Neal claims his problems are due to Lyme disease, which he says he contracted twice. But that was 10 years ago, Neal is the only person in the universe who is still suffering from Lymes a decade after having had it.  On the other hand, Neal was exposed to radiation for 2 years. He stole a container of Cesium-127 and used it as a bookend for a couple of years.  It was leaking radiation. Cesium-127 isn’t very good for your health. Reading the article below you can spot Neal lying … Continue reading Radioactive Rauhauser, The Consequences Of Dumb