Last Tweets Of The Late Zena 2.0

Zena PatSainte, queen of stolen Avi pictures, lost another account. These are her final tweets. RT @KingDSeals: @Nettaaaaaaaa tell Essence and Twitter the truth nobody in this city knows who the fuck u are. #FaceOfTwitterFrauds https:/… RT @angelijka8: @Zena_2point_0 @sawmilltaters @SheliJ @MeaganMacha Woman who you do not want to piss off on twitter. Beware 🙂 @angelijka8 @sawmilltaters @SheliJ @MeaganMacha Not to mention Angelijka8! 😈❤️ @sawmilltaters @angelijka8 @SheliJ @MeaganMacha 👍🏻 @Black_lies2016 @J_Fab_1 grinding or meth RT @scrowder: The real rape culture. #Colonge #refugeeswelcome #sweden RT @angelijka8: Read this. Makes my point @LeeTrumpster @sheilerrrlove He’s an asshole and a … Continue reading Last Tweets Of The Late Zena 2.0

Zena Attacked By Feral Softball

Zena aka J_Fab_1 posted a tweet recently about having been brutally attacked. It included graphic pictures to show that she couldn’t protect herself from being assaulted because she wasn’t allowed to carry a gun. Zena likes to claim that people photoshop her tweets so here’s that same tweet on a phone: Of course, the next step after posting pictures of your battered face after an assault is to create Twitter drama that your pictures are being stolen. And again, the same tweet on a phone How embarrassing it must have been for Zena after whining about people stealing  her pictures … Continue reading Zena Attacked By Feral Softball

George Zimmerman Twitter Timeline; September 2015

If the jury had read Zimmerman’s timeline they would have seen that despite his family’s claims, Georgie is a racist POS.If the jury had seen his finger painting using a confederate flag to express his point about the 2nd amendment they would have seen that Georgie is also stupid. Twitter Fashion Icon and editor of and @Bmurr1001 Mon Sep 28 16:17:05 +0000 2015 @CaileyMeyer @SonusCarAudio Mon Sep 28 16:16:01 +0000 2015 RT @kataisa: @TherealGeorgeZ Keep trolling the media hard, George. They deserve it. Mon Sep 28 16:13:37 +0000 2015 All media inquiries can be directed to … Continue reading George Zimmerman Twitter Timeline; September 2015

Trump The Troll

Let’s see, Trump declared bankruptcy 5 times, he outsources to China, Mexico and India for his business products, he cheated on his wife in at least 2 out of three marriages, suffers from OCD and is afraid of germs so he won’t shake your hand, he brags about himself every chance he gets, he puts his foot in his mouth at least once a week…but he’s trolling other people?Donald is just too much. This presidential race will be highly entertaining. Donald J. Trump Verified account‏@realDonaldTrump Congrats @LindseyGrahamSC. You just got 4 points in your home state of SC—far better than zero … Continue reading Trump The Troll

Welcome To Trump America

In Trump America, the Statue Of Liberty will have to be replaced. She’s over a hundred years old and a dog. Trump America must have a younger, better looking statue. “You know, it really doesn’t matter what (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”— Donald Trump Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrumpNow grotesque @BetteMidler is into the Trump act — trying to become relevant again. Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrumpSarah Jessica Parker voted “unsexiest woman alive” – I agree. She said “it’s beneath me to comment on the… Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump“@laurasgoldman: .@realDonaldTrump why … Continue reading Welcome To Trump America

More Momma Drama #Potatriots

I’ve been hearing from Conservatives who defend GOPMommy’s behavior in the “discussion” she had with Vegaslights, a 13 year old girl. Her defenders are saying I was set up to get involved, that GOPMommy wasn’t responsible for what other people said to the girl and that GOPMommy defended the girl when she found out she was a minor. BullI had assorted timelines in front of me at the time. GOPMommy was made aware of the child’s age but continued mocking her. At least 24 accounts joined GOPMommy in bashing that kid. When the conversation turned to the minor’s breasts GOPMommy did nothing … Continue reading More Momma Drama #Potatriots

Targeted Harassment of a Minor

After GOPMommy started mocking a 13 year old girl, her followers joined in on the harassment. There are 181 tweets from over two dozen conservative accounts all tweeting to this minor. Some of the comments are sexual, all of them are targeted harassment.I include the point in time where she asked them to stop. It’s a little more than halfway down the list of tweets. Legisperitum_X @legisperitum_x “Man-spreading?” WTF is that? An ISIS torture tactic? @GOPMommy @vegasIights  2 days ago Reply Retweet Favorite D.B. @shumad1 @GOPMommy @vegasIights  2 days ago Reply Retweet Favorite Legisperitum_X @legisperitum_x WTAF is “world place sexual harassment”? Getting assfucked with a globe? @GOPMommy @vegasIights … Continue reading Targeted Harassment of a Minor

Sexual Harassment of a Minor

These are some of the threads involved in the harassment of a 13 year old girl. It started with Dexter and @GOPmommy then escalated into mocking the minor and then it got a little sexual.  It didn’t matter that she told them to stop several times or that she was underage, that she was expressing a Liberal viewpoint made her a target. IndecipherableNuance @GOPMommy The fact that men like boobs doesn’t mean you “need feminism”– it’s biology. If men aren’t attracted to women, you don’t exist.@vegasIights IndecipherableNuance‏@GOPMommy Men liking, or even joking about boobs doesn’t mean they don’t respect them. … Continue reading Sexual Harassment of a Minor

The Finals Days Of RWNJ @Ice_M0de

Another sock account of Zena’s. Twitter Terms of Service allows you to have as many accounts as you want as long as each one has a unique purpose. Zena’s accounts all bash liberals and complain about America becoming a third world country so this sock puppet was suspended along with her AmritaPatel1992 account.Zena’s newest account @White_Gone claims there is a Twitter conspiracy against conservative women… Ju5t❤️J3nnyM @ice_m0de @CGAdamo @AmritaPatel1992 it’s always bullshit! The MSM picks our candidates every cycle, our uninformed voters fall for it every time  6 hours ago Reply Retweet Favorite 5 more Ju5t❤️J3nnyM @ice_m0de @KatiePavlich @tyvickie22 and shear stupidity while pandering to the … Continue reading The Finals Days Of RWNJ @Ice_M0de