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Happy Birthday Vlad!

Vladimir turned 65 today, which coincides with Ken Starr predicting that indictments in Russiagate are coming soon. Starr served as independent counsel for investigations into Whitewater and the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal and it’s his expert opinion that several indictments will be handed out in the near future and will include several foreign nationals. This isn’t exactly an exhibit of legal expertise or

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Holy Moly Trump!!! Rick Is The Man

You wouldn’t think the honeymoon would be over already, Trump hasn’t been in office a month nor filled all the posts in his administration, yet The Donald has his petite hands already full dealing with scandals and controversy.  Last week our new National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was caught in lies about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, Sergey

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Hackers Reveal Russian Interference in 2014 Ukraine Elections

In October, emails leaked by Ukrainian hacker group, CyberJunta, were verified as coming from one of Putin’s right hand men, Vladislav Surkov. (Link) The emails outline plans to destabilize the government of Ukraine by creating dissent to force early presidential and parliamentary elections. Surkov planned to back conservative Nationalist and Separatist Ukraine politicians that would serve as puppets for Russia. “It is

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