Have You Seen This Alt Right Individual?

This is Taylor Michael Wilson, a White Supremacist, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison on Friday for terrorism. Wilson stopped an AmTrak train in order to “save the train from black people”. He says he was high on acid at the time.   The Feds also found a cache of guns in Wilsn’s home because isn’t there always a cache of guns at the homes of these people?   There are people looking for any pictures or videos from any Alt Right event that Taylor Wilson may be in. Help them out if you can. Based Stalkman 🌽 … Continue reading Have You Seen This Alt Right Individual?

Happy Birthday; Retzlaff Sends Van Dyke A Gift; April 3rd, 2017

  April 3rd was Jason Van Dyke’s birthday. To help him celebrate turning 38, Tom Retzlaff sent a letter to Van Dyke trying to extort him into dropping his law suit. Yeah, that’s nuts, but it’s typical Retzlaff.  He’s threatening to file a counter suit and tie Van Dyke up in courts for years unless he gets paid $75,000.  Retzlaff is alleging Van Dyke filed a SLAPP suit, an acronym for Strategic Lawsuit Against Citizen Participation, which is a lawsuit filed to silence someone. A lot of states have adopted legal remedies called anti-SLAPP lawsuits in order to prevent such … Continue reading Happy Birthday; Retzlaff Sends Van Dyke A Gift; April 3rd, 2017

Retzlaff Loses First Round To Van Dyke

As of yesterday, it looks like the Van Dyke v Retzlaff battle has begun with Van Dyke striking the first blow. After granting Jason Van Dyke a restraining order against Tom Retzlaff, the court received several letters from Retzlaff bitching about the restraining order. None of the letters were passed on to the judge since they were ex parte communications in that Retzlaff, as a party in the suit, was attempting to talk to the judge without the knowledge of the opposing party. That’s not allowed. Those letters backfired even further on Retzlaff since the judge determined they show Retzlaff … Continue reading Retzlaff Loses First Round To Van Dyke

Retzlaff Responds To Jason Van Dyke Restraining Order

This is Retzlaff’s reply to Jason Van Dyke filing a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order against him. Tommy is his usual charming self. I can’t imagine why Van Dyke would try and get a restraining order. This is Thomas Retzlaff, to him a restraining order is an open invitation to stalk. In any case, the court clerk didn’t even bother to give it to the judge since it’s considered an ex parte communication.  A little bird told me though, that by submitting this letter Retzlaff put himself within the jurisdiction of the court. The letter is in an embedded file. … Continue reading Retzlaff Responds To Jason Van Dyke Restraining Order

Have You Seen Little Andy?

The main man at the Daily Stormer, Andy Anglin, has been in hiding for several months now. A couple of law suits have been filed against him so the tiny nazi with the big mouth will no doubt remain in hiding indefinitely but continue trash talking on his website and social media. Little Andy and his buddy Weev have claimed to be living overseas but nobody believes that except their chump followers. Andy was spotted in Columbus, Ohio recently so keep your eyes open. Financial contributions and mail for Andy are sent to his father in Ohio. Andy won’t stray … Continue reading Have You Seen Little Andy?

Siggy’s Team Goes Full Racist, 2014 #RHONJ

In this day and age, overt racism shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, particularly individuals in the public eye like cast members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Twitter conversation below took place in 2014. Of course, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania weren’t part of the Real Housewives franchise at that time and had nothing to do with the racist trolling that went on but that doesn’t give them a pass when those same trolls are members of “Team Siggy”. As Perez Hilton and other online magazines reported back in March, there was a business that engaged in trolling and doxing … Continue reading Siggy’s Team Goes Full Racist, 2014 #RHONJ

Daily Stormer Pranks Amy Siskind; August, 2017

Update: Punished Stormer has been kicked off GoDaddy again and has gone back to the Dark Web where it belongs. They are blaming the banishment on “Jews and Pedophiles”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My, my my… Not only has Punished Stormer weathered the DDoSing, it now has a cloud server protecting it from DDoS attacks. And so far GoDaddy hasn’t kicked their new domain off their servers but… The Stormer is using Twitter Cards, a bit of script for blogs provided by Twitter so tweets will show a summary with a picture when a blog post link is tweeted. When you add the Twitter … Continue reading Daily Stormer Pranks Amy Siskind; August, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday Andie!

Dang it, I missed Andie’s birthday. She turned 51 just 10 days ago so she’s now over the half century mark. And still catfishing followers with her 25 year old avatar photo. Andie made headlines earlier this year when she was the subject of a column at BBC.com. Her unique brand of racism has made her efamous across the internet and gained her a lot of like minded followers.  Andie, who has a history of mental illness, loves the attention she gets by being a Troll on Twitter. She has a trash to treasure blog, Divine Theater, but that gets … Continue reading Happy Belated Birthday Andie!

Trump Gets Schooled In Church

Once again Donald Trump jeopardized the tax exempt status of a church by making a political speech from the pulpit. He did this twice in Flint so for whatever reason Pastor Faith Green Timmon interrupted Trump, she was absolutely correct in doing so. A Church is classified as 501c3 tax exempt organization and has very specific rules about what activities can or cannot take place within the church. Any 501c3 organization breaking the rules can get fined or even lose their tax exemption.  It’s hard to believe the Trump campaign staff can be so ignorant of the rules on political … Continue reading Trump Gets Schooled In Church

More From Trump Child Rape Victim; #JusticeForKatie

UPDATE: The lawsuit that was scheduled to begin on October 14th has been voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff. A new eyewitness has come forward so Jane Doe will be refiling once again. Another video clip from Katie, the woman who alleges Trump raped her in 1994 when she was just 13.  The preliminary hearing for the Trump rape trial is October 14th. More video clips from Katie can be found here and you can learn more about the Trump rape trial at justiceforkatie.com The one night that I had the blonde wig on, um he mentioned that I looked, like you … Continue reading More From Trump Child Rape Victim; #JusticeForKatie