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Siggy, The Disbarred Lawyer, And Three

3 was the magic number last week. Siggy finally owned up to that third marriage she’s never talked about.  Irontroll reported the secret marriage last year but Siggy was responding to a new website by Bullyville dedicated to Siggy called soggyflicker.com. The secret marriage was mentioned. From what I’ve been told, Siggy’s claim of 5 marriages includes renewal of vows and a

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Rapey McRapenel Quits Southern Charm. Again

As predicted, Thomas Ravenel has announced that he’s quitting Southern Charm, which is a quaint way of covering that he hasn’t been asked back.  Ravenel has threatened to quit before but this time I think he’s gone for good. His contract isn’t going to be renewed while he’s under investigation for sexual assault. No doubt if the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements didn’t

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Southern Harm; Reality Bites

You have to give Bravo credit for being masters of spin. Their Southern Charm reunion show addressed Thomas Ravenel’s absence, the sexual assault allegations against him and the #MeToo movement as if Bravo actually cared about people more than ratings.   Bravo is dealing with Ravenel like they did with Siggy. He’s out. His contract is over and he won’t

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New Jersey Court Hearing Postponed Again

Yes, once again the harassment hearings have been delayed. This is the 14th month since the first harassment complaint was filed against me in Passaic County, New Jersey last year. It looks like it will be going for at least another month since we received word yesterday that today’s hearing for the (now) 3 harassment complaints against me and the

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Bucky And Brandon On Break

The notorious Twitter harassment team of Bucky and Brandon (A1_Buckwheat and BKing13_) deactivated their accounts last night. Bucky is also known as Faux Reality, the blogger behind the fauxrealityentertainment.com blog registered in Brandon’s name. It’s anyone’s guess why the two of them did a synchronized dive off of Twitter together. It may have something to do with the upcoming harassment

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