Cryptostorm, BadBitCoinOrg, AllSquareCat and Neal at CryptoCoin Expo 2014

I can’t imagine why Neal Rauhauser is writing about Cryptocurrency again.  Despite his bad reputation, no credentials, no expertise or experience in the Cryptocurrency field, Neal got a job writing for At the same time he was also working for (notorious Paycoin shill) and Cryptostorm. Neal wrote articles on the virtues of Paycoin and Cryptostorm VPN. Conflict of Interest? Yup. Definitely. Neal was eventually fired from CryptoCoinsNews after he incited retaliation against the Coinfire Blog for their breaking story on an impending SEC investigation into GAWminers and Paycoin. That was in early 2015.  Back in December of 2014, … Continue reading Cryptostorm, BadBitCoinOrg, AllSquareCat and Neal at CryptoCoin Expo 2014

Joseph Camp As Tit4Tat; February 9th, 2015

This is one of JoJo’s many accounts he used to threaten and harass others including children. JoJo so Gangstah. tit 4 tat @tit4tatbltch · @TauntRadioBTR @92IEST @4ChanTheHacker @CheatervilleTiT @FBI @kirclaire you aren’t making this easier for the kids kirclaire. tit 4 tat @tit4tatbltch · @92IEST @4ChanTheHacker @TauntRadioBTR @CheatervilleTiT @FBI @kirclaire no but sure rustled you dilon tit 4 tat @tit4tatbltch · @__FoR3al_P1tt__ you should stay out of this and stop helping james mcpedophile tit 4 tat @tit4tatbltch · @4ChanTheHacker @TauntRadioBTR @92IEST @CheatervilleTiT @FBI @kirclaire ur harmless. re-blocking you tit 4 tat @tit4tatbltch · @Sanguinarious @TauntRadioBTR @4ChanTheHacker @92IEST @CheatervilleTiT @FBI@kirclaire your group … Continue reading Joseph Camp As Tit4Tat; February 9th, 2015

Neal Rauhauser Conversation with CryptoNews; February 2015

Neal Rauhauser initiated retaliation against CoinFireBlog because they reported the SEC investigation into GAWMiners. Neal’s RealityForger account deleted several tweets in this dialogue with CryptoNews but there are enough to give you an idea of how Rauhauser continued to support the GAWMiners ponzi scheme.You can get more info at via Bullyville 24/7 Crypto News‏@247CryptoNews We are horrified of what is happening with our fellow journalists from @CoinFireBlog and the pathetic’s @gawceo , #XPY & their adepts .6:50 PM – 1 Feb 2015 @RealityForger @247CryptoNews So @CoinFireBlog smears @gawceo, and your idea of journalist ethics is backing them? Puzzling. Sun Feb … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser Conversation with CryptoNews; February 2015

Neal Rauhauser Comments On

The following are Neal Rauhauser’s comments from the website which was shut down by its owner, Josh Garza the CEO of GAW Miners. The site was briefly reincarnated as before Garza closed it down again on June 15th. GAWCEO is Josh Garza, the conman who pulled off a huge Ponzi scam through GAWMiners and is currently being investigated by the SEC as well as other Federal agencies. Colonel32 is an alias used by BadBitCoinOrg to shill for Garza. Neal worked for BadBitCoinOrg supposedly to help ferret out schemes and scams in the digital currency world but he pushed Garza’s schemes … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser Comments On

Twitter Timeline Of Josh Garza aka CEOGAW

This is the Twitter timeline of Josh Garza aka @CEOGAW. I put it here in case it disappears. Boom! Wed May 13 13:00:00 +0000 2015 Early Paycoin investors are having coins stolen! Please help report this @philvadala Tue May 05 20:58:43 +0000 2015 @Jakxter_hashtlk its now at please spread the word Sat May 02 02:36:58 +0000 2015 @JacMan27 @AmericanGreedTV @CNBC grow up Sat May 02 02:36:20 +0000 2015 is now! Sat May 02 02:17:19 +0000 2015 Hashtalk has been hit with DOS attacks all day. Few more hours Fri May 01 23:34:43 +0000 2015 @hashclubforum I … Continue reading Twitter Timeline Of Josh Garza aka CEOGAW

Twitter Timeline of Rauhauser as RealityForger; Dec 2014

“Every negative thing you ever heard about me started with racist Robert Stacy McCain” says Neal.HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ten years behind on child support, I think your ex wife precedes McCain.FYI Neal: just because someone registers a domain doesn’t mean that person owns it. Paying extra to keep a domain registration private doesn’t mean it will stay private, most private registration companies will give up names if requested by law enforcement. Having a lawyer register your domain costs more but it keeps your name private and protected under attorney-client privilege. Paul Carr ‏@paulcarr Again, the trouble with an … Continue reading Twitter Timeline of Rauhauser as RealityForger; Dec 2014

3000 Tweets by Badbitcoinblog; March 2014-March 2015

@Badbitcoinblog runs a website that warns the public about digital currency scams. It was thought to be impartial but when Josh Garza and GAW Miners began having problems Badbitcoinblog was in the first line of defense making excuses for GAW, even denying there was an SEC investigation going on.There are a couple tweets to me that I’ve highlighted. By March the SEC investigation was ongoing and Josh Garza had fled the US, ending up in Dubai where he had hopes of starting again. There’s some information going around allegedly from the SEC investigation that Badbitcoinblog was run by an employee of … Continue reading 3000 Tweets by Badbitcoinblog; March 2014-March 2015

The Obsession Of Finndango

These tweets were scraped on April 11, 2015 from the timeline of @finndango aka Tami Vaher. There are 3,043 tweets including her retweets.  Tami is one of the Kate Gosselin haters. She thinks Gosselin is a child abuser.With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of keywords in Tami Vaher tweets: toddler is mentioned 7 times  babies is mentioned 7 child abuse is mentioned 11 times children is mentioned 31 times kids is mentioned 246 times Jon is mentioned 97 Gosselin is mention 105 times; The word Kate is mentioned: 1,630 times Her tweets and retweets included Gosselin’s account @kateplusmy8:  1,136 times … Continue reading The Obsession Of Finndango

Neal Rauhauser And His CryptoCoin Conflict Of Interest

Below is an interesting post on hashtalk by Neal Rauhauser. He did some work for Doug Spinks and was paid in tokens which he offers to sell for GAW Miner’s XPY. Neal gives his chat location as #badbitcoin. Is anyone still surprised he was fired by CryptoCoinsNews?  “You can find me (RealityForger) in #badbitcoin on if you’d like to make a purchase.”   -Neal Rauhauser!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+’://’;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, ‘script’, ‘twitter-wjs’); The Link to the original here Zero Customer Knowledge VPN – one year for 3 XPY There are a lot of VPN providers out there. There are a bunch of scammy … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser And His CryptoCoin Conflict Of Interest

Neal Just Can’t Hold A Job

Neal Rauhauser managed to get a job writing for CryptoCoinsNews and was fired after less than two months.  The surprise here isn’t that Neal was fired but that CCN hired him in the first place. Obviously CCN is Google challenged, a couple minutes on a search engine would have clued him into the assorted warrants for Neal’s arrest, his court case in TX-which is NOT over despite Neal’s claim of a “precedent setting” First Amendment victory-and of course Neal’s chronic status as a deadbeat dad.  CoinFireBlog was the first news source online to report an SEC investigation of GAW Miners … Continue reading Neal Just Can’t Hold A Job