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@6 Has Passed Away, RIP Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo went silent on Twitter on February 28th, today we learned that he passed away. Though Adrian was at one time an infamous hacker, he’s most well known for being involved in the arrest of Chelsea Manning. Though he got a lot of hate for this, was hated for this, Adrian did what he thought was right at the

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Jaime Cochran’s Epic Troll, In Case You Missed It

The internet became a little more serious place after Jaime Cochran decided to leave. Jaime aka @ackflags was an internet legend in her own time and will be immortalized as one of the most artfully skilled Trolls in the history of trolling. I think the best thing I ever did was say to a media outlet that “trolling is an art.” #Marinate   -Jaime

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