Osborne Does A FailDox; May 2013

Matt Osborne uses his @inksock account to dox CattyIdiot. His faithful sidekick, RJ Sterling shows up in one of his many socks, Ragnarokkin.The dox is wrong of course. Matt Osborne‏@InkSock @CattyIdiot Randall Scott Defazio. Ted Koeppel ‏@CattyIdiot  May 21 Yeah, so… whatchya gonna do about it? @InkSock Matt Osborne ‏@InkSock  May 21 @CattyIdiot You have been arrested 31 times since 1992. Ragnarok ‘n’ Roll ‏@RagnaRokkin  May 21 @InkSock @CattyIdiot THIRTY-ONE TIMES???!!! Ted Koeppel ‏@CattyIdiot  19h @InkSock Yip. What can I say? I’M #DAHBADASS Ted Koeppel ‏@CattyIdiot  19h @InkSock BTW… your numbers are out of date… 32 if you count this past weekend. BriBe ‏@Br1B3  18h @CattyIdiot @InkSock Were you caught shoplifting potatoes … Continue reading Osborne Does A FailDox; May 2013

EileenLeft Connects The Left, 2013

This was EileenLeft’s list of Connect The Left members in 2013. It was a great idea but the reality is that after several years of “connecting” she had 1090 members and probably alienated just as many. A couple of notable names are PoliticolNews, the nut job from Canada who had to ask what the difference was between Republicans and Democrats. And also Politicol_Bill aka William Talley who was, at the time, fighting charges of possession of child porn and narcotics. Though some members of Connect The Left were aware of Talley’s court battles, his secret was kept for 5 months … Continue reading EileenLeft Connects The Left, 2013

Neal Rauhauser as @electionlulz

@electionlulz was another one of Neal Rauhauser’s socks used in 2012. There was also a website by the same name until its registration expired.Followers include the usual crew: OsborneInk and RJ Sterling. You also see Neal’s main account at that time OccupyUnmasked @catsrimportant That’s not a listen, that’s evidence collection if they’re breaking any laws. Seems sketchy to me. Tue Sep 18 22:22:37 +0000 2012 @catsrimportant well, that was an interesting set of mentions Tue Sep 18 22:01:28 +0000 2012 @catsrimportant Which one is this? Tue Sep 18 21:53:12 +0000 2012 @LiberalGrouch I see Brooks talking about some leaking emails? What’s that? Tue Sep … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser as @electionlulz

RJ Picks The Wrong Side; Popcorn and Potatoes 2

RJ Sterling and I share concern about the changing climate but we have totally different ideas about the concepts of right and wrong. Thomas Retzlaff has forged documents in the past. His daughter obtained a restraining order against her father on Monday, May 12th. The man posted nude pictures of her online. Anyone who minimizes or justifies his actions is someone disgusting.But then RJ has been accused of cyberstalking by several women, he thinks they’re just being mean. RJ Sterling account @AdversArialOne has the Twitter ID 63225109. This number used to have the name @AdversAerial. That account was suspended for abuse, once … Continue reading RJ Picks The Wrong Side; Popcorn and Potatoes 2

The 24 Faces of RJ Sterling. 24 Twitter Accounts to Harass the Left andRight

RJ Sterling has a reputation, earned over several years, as a stalker and a chronic fanboy of other men such as @Shoq, @OsborneInk and @NealRauhauser. Participating in the smear campaign against UniteBlue and with a reputation for harassing women, Sterling uses two smart phones to operate multiple accounts. Despite an untold number of reports to Twitter, RJ continues his harassment. Here RJ cross tweets on 7 of his accounts: RJ currently has 24 accounts on Twitter.Here we’ve got a page with feeds of these accounts; notice the ones he uses to harass his obsession of many years @DailyDriveler, and his latest … Continue reading The 24 Faces of RJ Sterling. 24 Twitter Accounts to Harass the Left andRight

FishBoy Rages

I had the Br1Be account. I am not a conservative. RJ Sterling with his multiple socks gets upset when he gets called out. BriBe ‏@Br1B3  Apr 11 Half of Shoq’s Followers Are Fake – #UniteBlue #LibCrib #p2 http://is.gd/wom2zT  Doc Apoc ‏@apokalyptikk  Apr 12 @CribBoss Is it not possible to stop this harasser account @Br1B3 from using #libcrib? All its tweets are stalking liberals. @deniseromano Russ Hayden ‏@CribBoss  Apr 12 @apokalyptikk Any Twitter user can use any hashtag. I only have control of troll free libcrib. #LibCrib Doc Apoc ‏@apokalyptikk  Apr 12 @CribBoss Not sure I get what you mean by control. The troll I mentioned has had many … Continue reading FishBoy Rages

AdversAerialOne and CountryBack1776; March 30, 2014

RJ Sterling operates multiple accounts and uses them to harass women.  GenuineAmerican ‏@CountryBack1776 Mar 30 @AdversAerialOne It is obvious now why you and [REDACTED] are soul mates. I only sought peace. You react with paranoia. @OsborneInk The Adversary™ ‏@AdversAerialOne Mar 30 @CountryBack1776 Thanks for showing your true colours. You’re now blocked for being a complete ass. @OsborneInk GenuineAmerican ‏@CountryBack1776 Mar 30 @AdversAerialOne Trolls continue to strike relentlessly. I see you have hurt many women like @greenmitera who expected commitment from you. kaza ‏@greenmitera Mar 29 @4evrSin Appears that one was setting up folks, again, @AdversAerialOne is #tcot soul mate w/@CountryBack1776, … Continue reading AdversAerialOne and CountryBack1776; March 30, 2014

RJ Sterling Serial Account GlGuyGardner

The account GLGuyGardner is listed as no longer active. The name was either changed or the account was closed by RJ. Jill @liberalgirl007 @GLGuyGardner @LbrlOkie77 another one of RJ’s personalities! sharon @skrspooky @GLGuyGardner RJ how many of you do I have to freakin follow! The one & only Guy @glguygardner Ah, you got it. You don’t have to follow Guy. “@skrspooky: @GLGuyGardner RJ how many of you do I have to freakin follow!” Jill @liberalgirl007 @GLGuyGardner @Reilly4Sanity there’s this insane man named RJ…he needs to be locked up!!! The one & only Guy @glguygardner That just sounds crazy. “@liberalgirl007: @GLGuyGardner … Continue reading RJ Sterling Serial Account GlGuyGardner