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Mean Texas Lawyer Sues For 100 Million Dollars

Infamous Texas lawyer, Jason Van Dyke, has filed a defamation lawsuit against infamous serial stalker, Thomas Retzlaff. This could be the court case of the century! Both men are litigious RWNJ with reputations for being abusive, so this will be popcorn worthy litigation. It’s highly likely that both men will represent themselves in court and file outlandish motions full of

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The Man Behind The Trump Meme, Fishbonehead Exposed

Trump’s now infamous Star of David tweet was traced back to an 8chan forum called Politically Incorrect and from there, back to the Twitter account of @fishbone1.   There was a lot of screaming that the tweet was antisemitic but in internet reality, anytime 4chan and 8chan are involved, memes are likely to be deliberately provocative to create as much

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Trumps Meme Maker, Fishbonehead On Disqus

Here’s some more from @Fishbonehead1. These are a few of his comments found on Disqus Link to Fishbonehead  disqus account fishbonehead @fishbonehead 296 Upvotes Comments 96 Recommends Followers 0 Following 0 Discussion on Twitchy 61 comments Honest question: How does Hillary Clinton get her head to move like this? fishbonehead a month ago Officially INSANE! Discussion on Breitbart News Network 285

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Trumps Meme Maker, Fishbonehead Timeline; May, 2015

@Fishbonehead1 was the Twitter account that created the Hillary/Star of David meme. This is his timeline from May 17, 2015.  I think most people associate racism with ignorance. Fishbonehead1 confirms this with his lack of understanding of the constitution and powers of the executive branch.  We’ll be posting his identity along with a few of his accounts. FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 ยท 7h7 hours ago

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Feral Andie Is At It Again

At it again? Ha! Andie Paulie never stopped her nonsense. She recently tweeted out the name and address of someone she thinks is Miss Molly and then deleted the tweet so she wouldn’t get suspended. 1. It’s the wrong Molly. Miss Molly doesn’t live in California. 2. Andie’s husband and daughter aren’t on Twitter. And probably not on the internet

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The Rise Of The Fourth Reich In America via Jared Yates Sexton

Jared Yates Sexton is Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University as well as a political correspondent and author. (visit his website here). Sexton attended the Trump rally in North Carolina on June 14th and live tweeted his experience.  If you ever wondered how the German people could have allowed Hitler to come to power and permitted his

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