Dumb Domestic Terrorist Arrested In Florida

Stick this in the category of Things that make you go WTF? So here’s the great criminal plot conceived by this genius: Mark Charles Barnett created 10 bombs disguised as food products that he planned to put on shelves in Target stores in Florida, Virginia, and New York. He figured the explosions and resulting panic would cause Target stock to plummet so he could snatch it up cheaply. What could possibly go wrong, right? He hired a relative to plant the bombs. The relative notified authorities. Barnett was a registered sex offender and previously incarcerated for grand theft, kidnapping and sexual … Continue reading Dumb Domestic Terrorist Arrested In Florida

Defamation Suit Filed Against Donald Trump

The Donald is screwed. Summer Zervos was one of numerous women who came forward in 2016 with accusations against Donald Trump of sexual harassment. There was also a woman who alleged she was raped by Trump at the age of 13 that we reported on here.   True to form, Trump responded to these allegations on Twitter and in the media by attacking the women. While the statute of limitations prevents any charges being filed against Trump, his big mouth has gotten him in trouble.  Gloria Allred is leading the lawsuit for defamation that Zervos has filed against Trump. Ms Zervos … Continue reading Defamation Suit Filed Against Donald Trump

Report A Sex Offender To FaceBook

From FacebookWe appreciate your report, and we’d like to investigate this further. Please keep in mind that we’re only able to remove the account of a convicted sex offender if we’re able to confirm that he or she is, in fact, the owner of the Facebook account being reported. Once we receive this information and can find the account on Facebook, we’ll take appropriate action according to the Facebook Terms. Rest assured that this report will be kept confidential.Thanks,HazelFacebook~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sex Offenders aren’t allowed to have accounts on Facebook. A couple months ago it was discovered that former felon, Thomas Christopher Retzlaff, … Continue reading Report A Sex Offender To FaceBook