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Brandon Bots; Updated July, 2018

Below you’ll find most of Brandon’s past and present Twitter and Gab accounts and their current status. Update for July: Now he’s at @obviously_a_bot which has already been locked by Twitter twice for being abusive. We’ll see if this one lasts until the lawsuit is filed by Luzanne Otte and her attorney Lin Wood. Update June 14th: Brandon’s main account, @dirtreyn0lds,

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Teacession Tumblr Blog by Neal Rauhauser; 2011

Neal ran multiple Twitter accounts. Here he is as @OccupytheHouse tweeting to himself as @Teacession  He later changed @Teacession to @AnonWolfrune. Occupy The House ‏@OccupytheHouse 22 Sep 2011 @ParadiseGray It’s a #teacession 🙂 Dana Dillon ‏@dlwdillon 11 Sep 2011 RT @Teacession: #ConnectTheLeft http://teacession.tumblr.com/post/10083144574/this-graph-couldnt-be-more-clear-clinton-made … I make short, simple Tumblrs /w graphs & pics about #teacession. Occupy The House ‏@OccupytheHouse 10

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OccupyRebellion Claims She Was Raided By Police; March 2012

Sheridan (OccupyRebellion) claimed she was raided and the police confiscated her computer. This graph of her tweets shows she did stop tweeting. The 2 bumps in the clear area are when someone mentioned her, she herself, didn’t tweet for several days. But OccupyRebellion wasn’t really offline, she created a sock account and was using that. @OccupyRebellion I was raided Saturday morning.

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