Inside The Web Of A Stalker, New Book Due Out Next Week

Oh my goodness, Tommy Retzlaff is gonna be immortalized! Career criminal, conman, and stalker, Tom Retzlaff, is the subject of an unauthorized biography due out next week. To add insult to butthurt, this true crime, nonfiction book has been penned by Retzlaff’s archenemy, private investigator Phil Klein. The last I heard, Inside The Web Of A Stalker was scheduled for a November 14th release. I haven’t seen an advance copy, but Retzlaff has been one of our more curious characters covered here on Irontroll so I know a lot about Tommy. His criminal escapades are truly bookworthy. Klein made a … Continue reading Inside The Web Of A Stalker, New Book Due Out Next Week

Paid Troll Of Real Housewives Publicist Gets Suspended. Again

What a nice day! The infamous Brandon King had two of his Twitter accounts, @twe9000 and @dirtreynolds_ suspended today. This is the same Brandon King who made a few headlines around the country when it was discovered that he was involved in the Glanville, Rimes feud and was paid by the Spina Law Firm, and several celebrities, to “identify trolls” on Twitter. “Identify Trolls” is the legally correct way to admit to using the resources of a law firm to illegally access, distribute and publicly post the personally identifying information of people you don’t like in order to harass and … Continue reading Paid Troll Of Real Housewives Publicist Gets Suspended. Again

Being Brandon

It was sad to hear that a friend of Mike Arpey passed away after an accident this weekend. It was also sad to hear Brandon’s comments about the accident on Twitter. As for being self-actualized, Brandon is the epitome of living one’s best life. As a paid troll he lives a rewarding and worthwhile life trying to convince Twitter that he’s a scary bad guy. Though what Brandon’s actually done is convince the courts that his self-actualization will never involve full custody of a child. Continue reading Being Brandon

High Mimes And Misdemeanors; The Trials Of JoJo

JoJo had another hearing yesterday, March 28th, regarding two of the charges from his long assorted list. Charges addressed were # 6, Stalking, which is JoJo’s way of showing affection and #8 Attempt To Influence A Public Servant, which no doubt came as a result of JoJo trying to flip the cop twenty bucks to take a hike. JoJo has another court date for these charges on April 4th and then on April 24th is the Disposition Hearing for his major charge of attempting to strangle a mime. JoJo’s well known and much beloved internet lawyer, Sue Basko, will most likely … Continue reading High Mimes And Misdemeanors; The Trials Of JoJo

Judy, Judy, Judy

The newest nut job to join Tom Retzlaff’s Team Phelon is @radionewzblog. Though new to the Phelons, she’s been harassing people for years via several Twitter accounts and blog  The dox of @radionewsblog as Judy Kay Chavez was posted long ago but there was some doubt as to its accuracy, mainly I think, because of her age. Judy is now 69 years old so there’s that agist stereotype that she’s a sweet little old Gramma instead of a nut job. Don’t let her age fool you, she’s only a year younger than Trump and just as crazy as he … Continue reading Judy, Judy, Judy

Filing A Harassment Report, Part 2

Oh my goodness! I must have struck a couple nerves with yesterday’s post about reporting online harassment to the New Braunfels police department. When I signed online today I found that my Twitter account @IronTrollBlog suspended…Again…  @IronTrollBlog was just unsuspended 3 days ago. Coincidentally, I was suspended shortly after the post How To Report  A New Jersey Attorney For Unethical Conduct was published. Vinnie was mad. I guess now Brandon is mad. Twitter found there was no violation on my part with that first suspension so I imagine it will be the same for the current one. Since I was only back on Twitter for … Continue reading Filing A Harassment Report, Part 2

How To File An Online Harassment Police Report In New Braunfels, Texas

Having followed Thomas Retzlaff’s antics in Texas, I’ve become familiar with that states laws concerning online harassment and online impersonation.  I can’t claim to be an expert but I’m obviously more informed than Brandon King. In Texas, even in the city where Brandon lives, harassing someone is a misdemeanor and can be punished by up to 6 months in jail and a fine. Texas also has an online impersonation law which includes having someone’s personally identifying information, address and date of birth with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten any one. Online Impersonation is a felony, punished by 2 to 10 years … Continue reading How To File An Online Harassment Police Report In New Braunfels, Texas

JoJo Camp Uncovers International Mime Extortion Ring

You probably never heard of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, before JoJo Camp was arrested there, but it turns out Wheat Ridge is part of an evil extortion ring that is under investigation by a multinational task force which includes DHS, FBI, MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard, and Interpol. This is according to JoJo, who’s been in jail for months now but has managed to discover that top secret information about JoJo was given to an attorney in Florida and her client in California. The attorney he refers to is probably Kirsten O, who has a restraining order against JoJo for stalking. And … Continue reading JoJo Camp Uncovers International Mime Extortion Ring