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Stormpeedo, Swiftread, Liberty_Chick and Zapem

 This conversation took place when SwiftRead and Zapem were feuding over the nonevent of Twittergate. Also in here is @Stormpeedo, an early account of OccupyRebellion, allegedly after she abandoned her @darrahford account. Very odd to see her team up with Zapem. Patrick S. Read @swiftread Thanks for including your media want for attention again @Stormpeedo / @Liberty_Chick Did @Zapem lift your pics for her Vid, Mandy? NOPE Mandy

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Cat Fight! More Tweets from Stormpeedo, Zapem, SwiftRead, LibertyChick,2011

A bit of Twitter history, Stormpeedo is alleged to be an early sock puppet of OccupyRebellion and here she seems to be buddy buddy with Zapem.  It’s amusing to see SwiftRead go after Zapem.Some of these tweets have been deleted since then. Patrick Read @swiftread Not really, @zapem, I just search my name to see what psychos like you, Michelle, are saying

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SwiftRead And Zapem, Catfight; Sept 2011

Seeing SwiftRead and Zapem fighting always makes me smile. The “failed utube” would be Zapem’s Twittergate video exposing trolls for trolling. If you didn’t see the video you’re like %99.99999 of the population of the planet.Here swiftread accuses Zapem of stealing the investigation and claiming her husband is a fed. Actually her husband is a retired cop and Zapem worked

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