Patriots Discover Secret Obama Plan For Something

Pointing out their remarks are racist goes right over their heads. Trying to tell them how`stupid their conspiracy of the government taking over the country it already governs doesn’t work because they have all the details worked out. Incidentally, the statistics of White on White homicide and Black on Black homicide aren’t that far apart. The only thing relevant about race and murder is that people tend to kill others of their own race.  <div class="simple-tweet tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-profile-popup-actionable has-cards has-native-media ancestor hidden-ancestor with-user-actions " data-card-type="photo" data-component-context="conversation" data-disclosure-type="" data-expanded-footer=" 9:06 PM – 28 May 2015 · Details ” data-follows-you=”false” data-has-cards=”true” … Continue reading Patriots Discover Secret Obama Plan For Something