JoJo Camp To Be Released In 6 Months

  The infamous Mime Strangler, JoJo Camp is scheduled to be released at Christmas time this year. The time sure flew by. JoJo is up for parole in September but it’s hoped Colorado will make him serve his full sentence since he’s proven he can’t stop stalking and harassing others.  Another blog reported that JoJo had a major victory in court so there’s been some alarm that JoJo might be out of prison already. This isn’t true.  While incarcerated, JoJo kept himself busy by filing motion after motion with the Colorado court. Egged on in his fantasies by his dear … Continue reading JoJo Camp To Be Released In 6 Months

The JoJo Camp Tapes Featuring Sue Basko

Two of the internet’s most infamous characters, JoJo Camp and Sue Basko, are in the spotlight once again as Bullyville posts phone calls between Camp and Basko that took place while JoJo was awaiting trial in Colorado last year. The phone calls were automatically recorded by the prison where JoJo is currently serving a 3 year sentence for numerous charges surrounding his assault on his mime girlfriend. JoJo filed a lot of motions during his trial, a lot of them involved really weird conspiracies: that he was being framed by the cops, that Bullyville and the FBI were trying to … Continue reading The JoJo Camp Tapes Featuring Sue Basko

JoJo Camp Arraigned Today For Attempted Mime Murder

Joseph “JoJo” Camp was in court today in Colorado for his formal arraignment on assorted charges including the attempted strangulation of a mime. This was the chance for JoJo to enter a plea to the charges against him.  I don’t know for sure what plea JoJo entered but if you’ve been checking out and keeping up with all the crazy letters JoJo’s been writing , I’d guess he went for Not Guilty. And I imagine he followed that plea up with accusations of a conspiracy against him because of “what he knows”.  JoJo attempted to get his bond of … Continue reading JoJo Camp Arraigned Today For Attempted Mime Murder

UpComing Court Cases; Trump, Camp, Spink, Rauhauser. Spina et al

“Justice is a dish best served with popcorn”                                                            – Zile Ohai A lot of the characters that appear on Iron Troll blog have court cases coming up so I thought it would be a very good idea to make a list of who’s who and when they go to court.  As a celebrity, I also decided it would be very nice of me if I also held a fund raiser for … Continue reading UpComing Court Cases; Trump, Camp, Spink, Rauhauser. Spina et al

Sue Goes On Safari

Some people seem to think Sue Basko is a heartless, supercilious, elitist who lives in an ivory tower dispensing unwanted advice to the world. This is not true. There are no ivory towers in Hollywood, Sue lives in an apartment. Recently Sue took it upon herself to instruct the world that there are people who do not have homes and actually live on the street. Sue went on safari to observe these feral humans in their natural habitat beneath the Vendome underpass bridge in Los Angeles. Sue did this via Google maps, of course. She didn’t actually venture into the homeless … Continue reading Sue Goes On Safari

Basko And The BoogyMan; August, 2015

Sue Basko spends a significant portion of each day lurking on the internet to see if anyone is talking about her so she can tell them to cease and desist.She hasn’t figured out yet that people often talk about her to see if they’ll get a Basko C&D notice… INTERNET BOOGYMAN‏@YOUR_ANON_COURT You accuse me of these heinous things, why not bring a lawsuit? …5:48 PM – 9 Aug 2015 pacempacem‏@pacempacem pacempacem retweeted INTERNET BOOGYMAN You big brave Internet stalker! Use your real name, so I can more easily report you to your employer, police, FBI. …3:44 PM – … Continue reading Basko And The BoogyMan; August, 2015

Santa’s Naughty List For 2015

These are the naughtiest kids on Santa’s Naughty List 2015 and why they’re on it. The K8 H8ers: Tami, Lora, Jen and all the others for spending way too much time in their crusade to “Save the Gosselin Kids” by bashing their mother Kate and attacking her fans. Brandon King: a Total Tool Chet Uber: earlier this year Chet admitted he is a Benzodiazepine addict. And that he’s been taking Benzos for 35 years. 35 years. Since 1980. This validates my belief that Project Vigilant was conceived by someone on drugs and run by someone who was high. Vinnie Spina: the disbarred attorney waging … Continue reading Santa’s Naughty List For 2015

Seize And Decyst; Sue Basko Does Law on Twitter; Jan 2014

“…you associate online with bad people who do such things, who post obscenity and who stalk.” Sue Basko Susan, associate of JoJo Camp and Tom Retzlaff,  could be describing herself. @JosephACamp @WvuSoldier WVU, What is your name, rank, and serial number? This is legal question. @JosephACamp @WvuSoldier WVU Are you impersonating a member of the military? If not, name rank and serial, now. @JosephACamp @WvuSoldier 1) WVU I am reporting to Twitter and other authorities that you are either impersonating military or that you are @JosephACamp @WvuSoldier 2) military and are using Twitter to post a person’s personal info, harass a … Continue reading Seize And Decyst; Sue Basko Does Law on Twitter; Jan 2014