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SWATter to be Sentenced This Month

Former UgNazi, JoshTheGod, who’s real name is Mir Islam, will be sentenced on June 22nd for a variety of crimes, including SWATs and criminal conspiracy.  This stems from a long, ongoing investigation into SWATs that occured in 2012.  Brian Krebs of krebsonsecurity.com and RS McCain of theothermccain.com were among those SWATted. They both received letters last year from the Department

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Neal Rauhauser Brags About SWATting To Sunstein On Reddit And LinkedIn

RS McCain’s recent blog post states that there a Federal investigation into a Doxing and SWATting Ring with an informant providing them with information. In light of that I thought it time to update this post where Neal left a comment to a post written by Cass Sunstein. Neal brags about his accomplishments in creating conspiracies. The 87 House offices Neal references

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Prespostericity and Bitchiest Discuss SWATting; Jan, 2014

Kelly Hallissey claimed she was SWATted and her SWATter was caught. john garfield‏@Prepostericity They found “your SWATter” but can’t find the one(s) who did it to Stack & Frey? Hmmm. @Bitchiest 11:42 AM – 10 Jan 2014 Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest  Jan 10 WELL @Prepostericity some of us are just more special than others I guess 😀 john garfield ‏@Prepostericity  Jan 11 You joke about SWAT

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Sheridan And KimberlinUnmask On SWATtings, May 2013

Mike Stack had a blog called CryingWolfe, Twitter account @KimberlinUnmasked had a blog called Kimberlin Unmased…they weren’t the same person but Sheridan has decided they are. Sheridan‏@OccupyRebellion @Kimberlinunmask How convenient Stack that you went back to your CryingWolfe blog one day after someone “swatted” Mike Rogers.2:06 AM – 4 May 13 Sheridan‏@OccupyRebellion @Kimberlinunmask You wouldn’t happen to know who swatted

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Neal Rauhauser as Gaped Crusader Blogs About Patterico: Nov23, 2011

The Gaped Crusader was one of Neal Rauhauser’s aliases.  He also had a blog to go with it.The blog has been suspended but below is one of the posts from that blogNames and links werre redacted by me. Incidentally, Patterico is one of the people SWATted in 2012  Mrs. Patterico Patterico‘s wife, (Name and Link REDACTED) is also a Los Angeles Deputy

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