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The Jester Is Being Stalked! Updated April 8th

The Jester aka @Th3Je5t3r is a very famous fake person.  He is so famous that back in 2015, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential fake people on the internet!  These days The Jester is not so famous or influential, but still just as fake as ever. The Jester is actually a group of conservative

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Sue Basko and The Jester

Sue Basko wrote an article on her Subliminal Ridge blog called Biggest Online Security Factor where she claimed she knew the identify of The Jester. This resulted in the conversation below. The article has since been deleted.  James Bliss @JamesBliss ・Jul 10 Hmm… if .@suebasko rly knows true identify of.@th3j35t3r wouldn’t it be a rather good scoop?http://subliminalridge.blogspot.com/2015/05/biggest-online-security-factor.html …pic.twitter.com/FI77ZvGqNg pacempacem @pacempacem ・Jul

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Project VIGILANT Intrusion Timeline; Blogpost by Neal Rauhauser; July19th 2013

It’s amusing to see Neal complain about other people lying to him Project VIGILANT Intrusion Timeline 1 Reply Chet Uber used to repeat this mantra on a regular basis. This is about the difference between evidence, which is admissible, and intelligence, which is actionable. What do you know? What do you think you know? What can you prove? 01. What Do You

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