EmeraldCityJazz Twitter Timeline; 2013

EmeraldCityJazz is the notorious troll, Lora Lusher, who hates Kate Gosselin and spends most of her time eating and obsessing about Gosselin. Lately she’s been aiding and abetting JoJo Camp and Tom Retzlaff in their harassment efforts. Lora lives a truly worthwhile life.Here are a few of her tweets under her first Twitter account @EmeraldCityJazz from 2013 DWTS Daddy! @EmeraldCityJazz Not-A-Kart DWTS Daddy! ‏@EmeraldCityJazz13 س@JenWheeler Yep. You can block people, but it doesn’t stop them from tweeting you. DWTS Daddy! ‏@EmeraldCityJazz13 سAmerican Beauty is about a pedophile who lusts after his daughter’s 16 year old cheerleader friend. None of these choices … Continue reading EmeraldCityJazz Twitter Timeline; 2013

BaddAssLawyerTx and loldoxbin; January 2015

The Badass Texas lawyer continues his quest to find loldoxbin. this timeline is from January, 2015 VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 15Now that hunting season is about over, I can turn my attention back to destroying the life of @loldoxbin nachash ‏@loldoxbin · Jan 16.@BadassLawyerTX Please, continue your campaign of impotent wailing and issuing death threats. I’d like to get you suspended again VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 16@loldoxbin I have an offer for you: You can either stop posting my personal information. Or I can take matters into my hands. Up to you Khris ‏@itiskhris · Jan … Continue reading BaddAssLawyerTx and loldoxbin; January 2015

PoliticolNews Twitter Timeline 2010

Here are tweets from PoliticolNews aka Teri Salvador from 2010. In these you can tell she’s Canadian and an anti-vaccine nut job. Politicolnews#Move-your-money: America is Just Not That Into You: Fight Back!!http://tiny.cc/7GX25 1:08 PM Feb 28th via web Politicolnews # The Health Care Summit: America is just not into You:http://tiny.cc/Gpwsd 1:06 PM Feb 28th via web Politicolnews @Toyota Saving 100 million-did more than -brand damage! Fess Up In Court: http://tiny.cc/7WvSP 1:03 PM Feb 28th via web in reply to Toyota Politicolnews @CBSNews Your Bank is Just Not into You: #Move Your Money: Fight Back America http://tiny.cc/uZ6r5 1:00 PM Feb 28th via web in reply to CBSNews Politicolnews Your Bank is Just Not … Continue reading PoliticolNews Twitter Timeline 2010

Twitter Timeline of Zapem; 2009

Zapem, along with Patrick Read (@SwiftRead) and Greg W Howard, tried to create Twittergate scandal. Zapem is the woman who sent an email to Breitbart and presented her brilliant plan to infiltrate Anonymous, create mayhem, and get Anons to attack the Left.  from 2009  ZAPEM “America: Love it or leave it!” Remember that phrase, Obama? Oh wait, you were growing up in Indonesia when we coined that. My bad.10:58 AM Jun 2nd from web  ZAPEMMost people don’t know that by law, you do NOT have to answer all the questions in a Census Survey. Only the shaded box is required.10:30 … Continue reading Twitter Timeline of Zapem; 2009

PinkMeth Twitter Timeline 2012

PinkMeth was a Revenge Porn site, a website allowing people to post nude pictures and contact information of their exes out of spite or a need for revenge. The operator of PinkMeth called himself Olaudah Equiano but unlike his victims, his real name isn’t known. To avoid having PinkMeth suspended for porn or DMCA violations, the site was moved to the DarkWeb where its servers could remain hidden. However the site was seized in a multi agency law enforcement operation in 2014 called Project Onymous. Supposedly PinkMeth has been resurrected once again on the dark web. Below are some of PinkMeth’s … Continue reading PinkMeth Twitter Timeline 2012

VileTweets Retweets GregWHoward Timeline From 2010

@VileTweets and @oxyconservative were the Twitter accounts that collected nasty tweets made by Conservatives and then posted them on the viletweet.com website. Zapem, SwiftRead and Greg Howard decided to create a scandal by claiming Neal Rauhauser and a group of trolls called the BeanDogs (formerly Super Troll Crew) were working together to make Conservatives look bad by forcing them to make vile tweets.These are the earliest tweets to be found on the viletweets account. They’re mainly by GregWHoward and I’m not seeing any Beandogs or Neal Rauhauser involved. VileTweets @VileTweets RT @GregWHoward I do not see any blacks wear Obama shirts, … Continue reading VileTweets Retweets GregWHoward Timeline From 2010

Sheridan aka OccupyRebellion Timeline September 2012

Tweets from the Twitter timeline of OccupyRebellion from September 2012 <div class="tweet original-tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-hover js-profile-popup-actionable js-original-tweet " data-expanded-footer=" 2:22 AM – 26 Sep 12 · Details ” data-is-reply-to=”” data-item-id=”250888025138139136″ data-mentions=”ronbryn” data-name=”Sheridan” data-screen-name=”OccupyRebellion” data-tweet-id=”250888025138139136″ data-user-id=”384240947″ style=”border-bottom-color: rgb(232, 232, 232); border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-width: 1px; cursor: pointer; min-height: 51px; padding: 9px 12px; position: relative; zoom: 1;”> 26 Sep 12Sheridan ‏@OccupyRebellion @TheTimeShifter @TomRyanBlog You 2 set up anons and get them arrested but now you claim to be so concerned about Barrett. STFU@AnonyOps 26 Sep 12Sheridan ‏@OccupyRebellion @TheTimeShifter @TomRyanBlog U 2 are stalkers who try getting anons arrested. It’s someone else’s fault … Continue reading Sheridan aka OccupyRebellion Timeline September 2012

@Anon2World Timeline 2013

Here are a couple days from the Twitter timeline of anon2world. The account is no longer on Twitter. anon2world ‏@anon2world @me0witude merrrr! m^..^m Political Dissident ‏@der_bluthund I am on the train to charing cross and cannot remember how to get to kings cross by tube from there. Tube dudes please tweet me best route. anon2world ‏@anon2world @LegendaryAsshol that would be nice, but getting people to do just that would be a very hard task anon2world ‏@anon2world Telecoms that have policies regulating or throttling data do not believe in freedom of information and need to be stopped.#freealltheinfo anon2world ‏@anon2world Bleh. Weak … Continue reading @Anon2World Timeline 2013

Trina Cuppett Twitter Timeline; Feb 28, 2013

One of the craziest drama queens on teh Twitterz is Trina Cuppett. Nobody knows for sure what prompted her repeated attempts to destroy UniteBlue but she was obsessed for quite awhile. Eventually Trina tried to make Anonymous into her personal army, it worked for awhile until Anons realized what she was doing. Trina was major FAIL Keyboard Ninja @TrinaCuppett 28 FebDo you know how to report a Twitter violations such as Porn Accts? Read Here: http://t.co/jxUk7NDRv3 Keyboard Ninja @TrinaCuppett 28 Feb Did you know that per Twitter Rules Selling user names: You may not buy or sell Twitter usernames. http://t.co/D6uGoEkAwk Keyboard … Continue reading Trina Cuppett Twitter Timeline; Feb 28, 2013

Neal Rauhauser Post on ZAPEM

A deleted post from Rauhauser’s blog where he outlines his attempts to find the identity of his arch nemesis Zapem Playing Detective March 14, 2012 I have a bit of quite time the next few weeks as some other stuff gets sorted out, so I am free to set aside my poor Google intelligence collection skills and actually do some genuine detective work. First, for background, we’re talking about An Inconvenient Kook, a woman I’ve tentatively identified as Michelle Lessick aka ZAPEM. All I had to start was: The Twitter username @ZAPEM (now @Repository1) and a now defunct WordPress blogRecords … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser Post on ZAPEM