Powerful Black And Blue #MannequinChallenge Goes Viral

This video, directed by Simone Shepherd (@simoneshepherd), is a whole new take on the #MannequinChallenge. In just 60 seconds, Shepherd’s tableaus pay homage to Philando Castille, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Colin Kaepernick, and Trayvon Martin. But one minute is long enough to make your heart ache. I doubt Ms. Shepherd and company expected the kind of response they’ve received.  I noticed on Ms. Shepherd’s timeline that Time magazine wants to interview her. The clip is promotion for an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a proposed movie called Black In Blue, which will explore the issues face by Black police officers, … Continue reading Powerful Black And Blue #MannequinChallenge Goes Viral

Andie Is Still Gone, Kudos To #TeamFeral and Olivia Crellin

The Twitter account of Andie Pauly was suspended on May 13th. It’s been 5 days now and she’s not back yet so perhaps this wasn’t one of Twitter’s short Time Outs. Hopefully it was a permanent suspension. A well deserved, permanent suspension. It’s likely her tweets threatening to “trayvon” people got her the ban hammer, but it was definitely the BBC Trending article by Olivia Crellin that got Andie the publicity she deserved. So Kudos to Olivia for her excellent post and to all those of Team Feral for reporting Andie’s psychotic tweets.  According to her trash to treasure blog, … Continue reading Andie Is Still Gone, Kudos To #TeamFeral and Olivia Crellin

Zimmerman Gun Auctioneers Held A Decoy Auction

George Zimmerman sold his gun for $138,000 today. According to the auctioneers, @UnitedGunGroup, they had a decoy auction publicly to attract “trolls” while at the same time  holding a private auction. I am very curious as to whether gun buyers in auctions at United Gun Group are given a background check…or does United Gun Group pass the buck on that one too.  Meanwhile, George has enough money to get by for a year or two, then what? He can only milk Trayvon’s murder for so long. Does it surprise you that United Gun Group are Trump supporters? Teri ‏@Teri423 3h3 … Continue reading Zimmerman Gun Auctioneers Held A Decoy Auction

9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Below are a month’s worth of Andie Pauly tweets, from April until her suspension on May 13th. @tboyddmd I better get ready for church. I am too pure for Twitter! LOL! Have a great day! Now post their national debt. https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 Venezuela…Socialist PARADISE…running out of…water. https://t.co/NryQqPrXZh https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 EVERYONE who cares about police should read and share this. If you don’t care about police…you will. https://t.co/9QcWcPgptz @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD I shared it. Beautiful! Thank you! @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD You too! Thanks again! RT @Incazzato2015: @NewRBEworld @brucechris24 @andieiamwhoiam BS!!! I’m Italian and ran away from socialism. Go there and try to … Continue reading 9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Andie Pauly Suspended Friday The 13th, Her Final Tweets

On Friday, May 13th, Andie Pauly was suspended. These are the tweets from May 12th, her last day. Pauly has long been known as a rabid racist. It was most likely her tweets about Trayvon and George Zimmerman that got her suspended. You can read more about Andie here. George Zimmerman finds an epic way to make money. He is auctioning the gun that saved his life from a violent thug. https://t.co/pEqlg3GWVL RT @velow1: @andieiamwhoiam Trying to blatantly signal then coward out instead of owning up to it. They don’t deserve the uniform! .@MsCon… Yes. They are at the Army … Continue reading Andie Pauly Suspended Friday The 13th, Her Final Tweets

Andie Is No Negress

Here are some comments made by Andie Pauly on a forum called USforum.net. She claims she’s not racist… Some special Andie quotes are:  “Liberals are sociopaths” and “I am no negress. I work.” Actually, Andie doesn’t work, she has a blog. Link to original is here Post by: Andie Pauly » Tue May 05, 2015 5:06 pm Brown people aren’t all as stupid as you are scottbrowning » Tue May 05, 2015 5:07 pm of course not… they just despise Republicans. All of them. Asians, Blacks and Latinos. In increasing numbers they hate Republicans. Every election. Post by: Andie Pauly … Continue reading Andie Is No Negress

George Zimmerman Twitter Timeline; September 2015

If the jury had read Zimmerman’s timeline they would have seen that despite his family’s claims, Georgie is a racist POS.If the jury had seen his finger painting using a confederate flag to express his point about the 2nd amendment they would have seen that Georgie is also stupid. Twitter Fashion Icon and editor of irontroll.com and opuniteblue.com @Bmurr1001 http://t.co/bZnLeIhKE9 Mon Sep 28 16:17:05 +0000 2015 @CaileyMeyer @SonusCarAudio http://t.co/kUNZVXbxph Mon Sep 28 16:16:01 +0000 2015 RT @kataisa: @TherealGeorgeZ Keep trolling the media hard, George. They deserve it. Mon Sep 28 16:13:37 +0000 2015 All media inquiries can be directed to … Continue reading George Zimmerman Twitter Timeline; September 2015

Feral Andie Pauly

Here are some of Andie Pauly’s Tweets that include her favorite word “feral”.Feral is her code for the N-word but she’d never use that word… publicly anyway. andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  12h12 hours ago @bradgifford1  The feral progressives stalking me are certainly not the brightest individuals. andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  13h13 hours ago andieiam ed aranza Becky is slang for a white woman who performs sex acts on black men.  Is this feral a racist?   andieiam added, aranza  @rowankiss look whos talking, becky https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/665355914338136064 … andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  13h13 hours ago andieiam ed aranza Look.  Another racist feral progressive shows her tolerance.  Irony. andieiam … Continue reading Feral Andie Pauly