Brandon On Gab; April 2017

Below are posts made on that were copied from an account created by Brandon King, infamous troll and tool. The account name, UnderpantGnome may sound familiar to you, there was a well known account by that name on Twitter. Brandon stole the name for but naturally his account didn’t last long before it was suspended. Brandon has this idea that being abusive makes him appear macho but he just comes off as being a douche. The timeline is below the commercial break. As you read his posts you’ll see how obvious his homophobia and misogyny are. Continue reading Brandon On Gab; April 2017

Dear Siggy, This Is What Toxic Looks Like

Siggy Flicker’s latest buzz words are “Toxic People” but before she blocks everybody on Twitter she might want to take a closer look at Team Siggy. A1_Buckwheat and her buddy, Brandon King, have been harassing celebrities and regular people on Twitter for years. Buckwheat even has a large section of her blog, FauxRealityEntertainment, dedicated to “trolls” and by trolls she means anyone she doesn’t like. Brandon does most of her dirty work and owned several websites where he and Buckwheat illegally posted the personally identifying information of a score of people before the websites were suspended. Now it’s my opinion … Continue reading Dear Siggy, This Is What Toxic Looks Like

Miley And Friends Part 2; October 2015

This is the rest of Miley’s very long conversation. Len Collier 10/25, 8:03pm Len Collier Lora Lusher.. I remember I stopped talking to her awhile ago. She only talked when she wanted someoen to report someone for her. Iw ould say okay done just to keep her quiet. It got on my nerves she seemed to care only about what she wanted. Len Collier 10/25, 8:10pm Len Collier Capable yes, but would I. No. It hurts people think so bad of me. Iw ould be lying if IU said otherwise. Len Collier 10/25, 8:12pm Len Collier But I also tell … Continue reading Miley And Friends Part 2; October 2015

Miley And Friends, Part 1; October 2015

This is one half of a Facebook conversation between Glen Miley Collier and someone who was planning on taking her to court. The conversation took place in October of 2015. Miley, nee Harriette Legler, is an odd internet character, or maybe I should say characters. She has a small army of imaginary friends, each with their own dramatic backstory. Sometimes her imaginary friends get into mischief and start trolling and harassing other people. The conversation below was sent by the person she was talking to at that time. I deleted that person’s half of the conversation to protect their identity. … Continue reading Miley And Friends, Part 1; October 2015

Catfish Ala Mode

Update: It’s 7 accounts of Gary’s that were suspended. In less than a week Catfish Gary had 6 of his Twitter accounts suspended with another suspension about to occur. I can understand a tween or young teen creating social media accounts solely for the purpose of trolling because that’s entertainment for them, but I have no idea what motivates a 50 year old man to create a Twitter account and troll people until he gets suspended and then do it all over again. Over and over and over. So far Gary has had over 200 accounts suspended. My many Adoring … Continue reading Catfish Ala Mode

Tango Down Roger Stone; His Final Words, October 28th, 2017

Roger Stone was suspended permanently today after going on a Twitter rant last night after it was announced Robert Mueller had filed charges in the Russia investigation. Stone went after CNN news personalities, making derogatory and homophobic remarks, and was foolish enough to tag them in his tweets. Stone has had his account since 2009, and often abused his verified blue checkmark status with abusive remarks, but Twitter has been cracking down on trolls like Roger by speeding up the report process and adding new suspension rules. Twitter has been one of Stone’s major tools for communication and promotion, so … Continue reading Tango Down Roger Stone; His Final Words, October 28th, 2017

Twitter Suspends Alleged Brandi Glanville Troll

The main account of a well known Twitter troll who was allegedly hired to harass Brandi Glanville was suspended today. Brandon King made headlines earlier this year after Bullyville released a court transcript where King confessed to being employed by the Spina Law Firm of New Jersey to perform assorted cyber security tasks, including “identifying troll accounts”. King is well known on Twitter for his participation in the harassment and trolling of Reality celebrities and their fans. He posted doxes (personal information) of nearly two dozen people publicly online and participated in harassing actress Kristen Johnston, as she chronicled on her … Continue reading Twitter Suspends Alleged Brandi Glanville Troll

Paid Troll Of Real Housewives Publicist Gets Suspended. Again

What a nice day! The infamous Brandon King had two of his Twitter accounts, @twe9000 and @dirtreynolds_ suspended today. This is the same Brandon King who made a few headlines around the country when it was discovered that he was involved in the Glanville, Rimes feud and was paid by the Spina Law Firm, and several celebrities, to “identify trolls” on Twitter. “Identify Trolls” is the legally correct way to admit to using the resources of a law firm to illegally access, distribute and publicly post the personally identifying information of people you don’t like in order to harass and … Continue reading Paid Troll Of Real Housewives Publicist Gets Suspended. Again

Kremlin Trolls, Social Security Numbers And Neals Big Mouth

This article by Neal was posted on his LinkedIn account in November of 2015. It’s a classic example of Rauhauser Bullshit where Neal takes two or more separate and unrelated topics and weaves them together and then makes this conflation about himself. Here he alludes that I’m a Kremlin troll. One part to pay attention to is the underlined sentence where he says he has my social security number.  LinkedIn is probably not the best place to claim you have someone’s social security number, particularly if you post on your blog that you gave it to someone. And particularly if … Continue reading Kremlin Trolls, Social Security Numbers And Neals Big Mouth