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Brandi Glanville Harasser Files Harassment Charges?

Yes! Vinnie Spina, the other half of the Brandi Glanville harassment duo, has filed felony harassment charges against me, Zile! Yes really!  Or maybe not.  Maybe it was Antonella Mollica who filed charges. Or maybe they are Faux Charges. Sometimes the Faux Reality from Vinnie and Brandon is hard for me to keep straight. Vinnie Spina, who was caught being

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Real Housewives Blogger Faux Reality Now Runs Public Relations Biz UPDATED Oct 28

UPDATE: Oct 28th. This blog article was posted on April 27th. The next morning, Vinnie Spina filed harassment charges against me. Not because of the blog post, because it’s 1st amendment protected, but for a photo shopped picture I posted on social media weeks ago and an email I sent out to people in her community on December 1st of

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Siggy Flicker Linked To Brandi Glanville Harasser

This cannot end well for Siggy.  Real Housewives Of New Jersey cast member, Siggy Flicker, is being represented in some fashion by A Diamond PR, a public relations business created by disbarred lawyer and FauxRealityEntertainment.com blogger, Vinnie Spina. It also looks like Vinnie is running @SiggyFlicker on Twitter. This is not good. This is the same Vinnie Spina who was outed by

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Real Housewives Harasser Linked To FauxRealityEntertainment Blog

Here’s a screen capture of a post on the FauxRealityEntertainment blog from Halloween of 2014. It shows there was a relationship between Faux Reality aka “Antonella Mollica” aka Vinnie Spina, and Cyber Security Inc, the business started by Vinnie Spina and Brandon King that offered online harassment as one of their services.  Spina and King harassed Brandi Glanville, Kristen Johnston,

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Joanna Krupa Hooks Up With Glanville Stalker

Another development in #TrollLeaks and #SpinaGate. Recently we reported that Joanna Krupa’s website disappeared in response to Bullyville breaking the news about convicted felon, Brandon King, being hired by Krupa and LeAnne Rimes for “cyber security” which allegedly involved the harassment of Brandi Glanville.   Though he’s made the registrations private, King was the owner of Krupa’s domains, JoKrupa.com, JoannaKrupa.net and

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Happy Birthday Brandon!

Happy Belated Birthday I should say. I feel so bad that I missed Brandon’s birthday on February 2nd. I guess it was quite the celebration!  To celebrate his 46th birthday, Brandon filed harassment charges on Bullyville and me! Doesn’t that sound like it was fun! I asked the nice police officers in New Braunfels for a copy of the complaint.

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