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Emin Agalarov; Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Emin Agalarov is the oligarch son of oligarch Aras Agalarov who moonlights as a Russian pop star. It was Emin’s idea who suggested holding Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow. It was also Emin who asked Rob Goldstone to contact the Trump campaign and ask for a meeting with Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. This led to the infamous Trump Tower Meeting,

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Rob Goldstone; Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

The Trump Tower meeting in June of 2016 with Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was initiated by Rob Goldstone. Goldstone was publicist for Oligarch and pop singer, Emin Agalarov, at the time, and was asked by Agalarov to contact the Trump campaign and let them know a Russian lawyer wanted to meet with them.  Goldstone emailed Donald Trump Jr. but embellished

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Aras Agalarov; Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Update: Bank accounts belonging to Aras Agalarov were frozen as a result of suspicious money transfers he made after the Trump Tower meeting. In 2018, he sold one of his homes on Fischer Island and the last one was sold in 2019. Watch the TrumpGate Video on the Iron Troll Channel on YouTube or continue reading below Aras Agalarov is

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