The Evolution of OpTrollBill

Neal has dredged up the days of OpTrollBill to brag that he took over the OpTrollBill account to “clean things up”.  The graphic below was taken from a third party site and shows that whatever account Neal took over, it wasn’t the real OpTrollBill. And he didn’t clean anything up. Nor did he take care of William Talley. It’s typical Neal inserting himself so he can get some efame.Neals Rauhauser‏@nrauhauser @Arpey_Actual @canadianglen It’s been a while & @Political_Bill ain’t suing anybody I didn’t run @OpTrollBill but I had it last for cleanup6:53 PM – 22 Mar 2016 Neals Rauhauser‏@nrauhauser @Arpey_Actual … Continue reading The Evolution of OpTrollBill

Gary And Andie And Revenge Porn

Political discussions and arguments have been going on for as long as leaders have been elected. People bicker, fight, throw shoes, duel and kill over their political beliefs. Fortunately there are now laws that make differences of opinion a little more civilized. Of course, that means that the laws have to be obeyed…Andie Pauley of Joliet, Illinois, likes to post racist comments. She refers to Blacks as “feral”. Tara likes to retweet Andie and mock her. Then enters noob Gary LaFollette of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He decided to come to Andie Pauley’s rescue. He catfished Tara and managed to get a nude … Continue reading Gary And Andie And Revenge Porn

Neal Rauhauser As OccupyUnmasked Tweets To MorningJoe; May 2014

Back in 2014, Neal Rauhauser was off Twitter for awhile and the OccupyUnmasked account was set on autotweets. But then @Morning_Joe made some comments about UniteBlue in May, 2014 which blew Twitter up. This got Neal excited enough to come back on Twitter to try and get his 15 minutes of fame. In all his excitement, Neal didn’t remember that he was a member of Connect The Left, as was William Talley, the man jailed for possessing child porn. And UniteBlue was, and still is, an organization composed of liberals. It wasn’t thwarted by any “genuine grassroots leaders” (he refers to … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser As OccupyUnmasked Tweets To MorningJoe; May 2014

SCAM Alert PART 10; Marlena And Harvey

Marlene told so many whoppers on Twitter so it’s hard to know what’s actually true. She claimed to have been raped by a senator, that she was a friend of Ann Richards and knew the Kennedy family. And, of course, she was pals with both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Marlene also hinted that she was secretly famous and after the election of 2016 everyone would find out who she really is…  I think we all know.Going through her deleted @marlenan21 account it becomes pretty obvious that while running her WE Political Consulting scam Marlene was also having an internet romance … Continue reading SCAM Alert PART 10; Marlena And Harvey

SCAM Alert PART 9; Marlena GoldNFeather Cherokee Catfish

 You might be thinking that the individuals who fell for Marlene Nadeau’s schemes were gullible but then Social Engineers and Con Artists always looks blatantly obvious in hindsight. Marlene Nadeau was very well known on twitter as @marlenan21, she interacted on Twitter quite a bit and a lot of people believed things she told them that weren’t true. Con Artists and Social Engineers often have little or no conscience so lying comes easy to them. They can tell you a whopper while looking you right in the eye and many can pass a lie detector test. Marlene was very creative with … Continue reading SCAM Alert PART 9; Marlena GoldNFeather Cherokee Catfish

SCAM Alert PART 8; Scam Site Taken Down

I recently checked Marlene’s latest scam website, only to find that it had been taken down and replaced with a 451 Error page. Google says a 451 error is: Error 451 is a new error code that we want ISPs to show when people visit websites blocked for legal reasons. Courts can require ISPs to block access to certain websites. Showing the Error 451 message makes it clear when a website has been blocked after a court order I have no idea if the site was taken down due to an investigation into the scam or for some other legal reason, but I have … Continue reading SCAM Alert PART 8; Scam Site Taken Down

SCAM Alert PART 7; Marlene The Mastermind

The WE Are America Campaign scam was a crude attempt at political astroturfing composed of too much imagination and not enough common sense or financing to back up its grandiose plans. The WE Are America Campaign and We Political Consulting recruited victims through social media and Craigslist. The recruited members were communicated with via email and Direct Messaging to get them involved. They were encouraged to purchase tickets in advance for a training conference with tickets oddly ranging in price from $125 to $725.  Recruited members were also solicited to lend money to the organization with those loans to be … Continue reading SCAM Alert PART 7; Marlene The Mastermind

Taking Out DeRay

Zena shows up once again to champion her favorite conspiracies. Mo Foi Chen holds her own in an insane conversation that includes someone offering to kill activist DeRay McKesson.But hey, they’re patriots so it’s okay. Pro Tip on Racism #1: If you refer to an ethnic group or race as “They”, that’s called racismPro Tip On Rioting #1: Riots have nothing to do with skin color, they are emotionally driven and can start with any crowd, anywhere at any time. That’s why cops have riot gear.  Bernard ‏@skyler12388 Oct 28Altamonte Springs, FL @LeahRBoss @DynaMoChen @DesperadoMark Flags aren’t the problem, it’s people … Continue reading Taking Out DeRay

TimeLine of Jueseppi aka @MrNegroMilitant; September 2015

In his quest to be the blackest Black man in America, Jueseppi thought that tweeting a picture of Obama with a noose around his neck would be a good idea. That it was in extreme bad taste, not to mention inherently racist seemed to escape him.  Naturally some people thought his tweet was in bad taste and got on his case. Jueseppi claimed the tweet was photoshopped…which was odd cuz the original was still on his timeline. He finally deleted the tweet today but forgot that many people had retweeted it and screen capped it. He also forgot he embedded the … Continue reading TimeLine of Jueseppi aka @MrNegroMilitant; September 2015