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Has MissAnonNews Risen From The Dead? Has She Been Unmasked?

Court documents filed by Bullyville today in the Rauhauser v McGibney lawsuit are asking the judge to allow a bit more discovery before deciding how much in legal fees should be paid to Rauhauser. After 5 years of this crazy lawsuit, 5 years of Neal and his buddy, Thomas Retzlaff harassing and threatening McGibney, his wife and children, his friends,

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The Evolution of OpTrollBill

Neal has dredged up the days of OpTrollBill to brag that he took over the OpTrollBill account to “clean things up”.  The graphic below was taken from a third party site and shows that whatever account Neal took over, it wasn’t the real OpTrollBill. And he didn’t clean anything up. Nor did he take care of William Talley. It’s typical

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Gary And Andie And Revenge Porn

Political discussions and arguments have been going on for as long as leaders have been elected. People bicker, fight, throw shoes, duel and kill over their political beliefs. Fortunately there are now laws that make differences of opinion a little more civilized. Of course, that means that the laws have to be obeyed…Andie Pauley of Joliet, Illinois, likes to post racist

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SCAM Alert PART 9; Marlena GoldNFeather Cherokee Catfish

 You might be thinking that the individuals who fell for Marlene Nadeau’s schemes were gullible but then Social Engineers and Con Artists always looks blatantly obvious in hindsight. Marlene Nadeau was very well known on twitter as @marlenan21, she interacted on Twitter quite a bit and a lot of people believed things she told them that weren’t true. Con Artists and

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