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The Fat Lady Is About To Sing, Flickers Publicist Under Investigation

While most everyone is aware of the court case involving Vinnie Spina and myself, many of you don’t know there’s also an investigation being conducted into Vincenza Spina and her husband, Patrick Spina, by the Prosecutor’s Office in Bergen County. The investigation also includes Antonella Mollica who is @A1_Buckwheat on Twitter. BullyVille, aka James McGibney, has been working with the Bergen

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RHONJ Problems Spread To Texas, Blind Gossip Item

Season 8 of RHONJ has been finished for awhile but the drama continues. Here’s a blind gossip item for recent developments: There are still a few people who can’t stop trolling on behalf of a former housewife. Most of this trolling is instigated by the housewife’s former publicist and the Troll King who both have online reputations for harassment that

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Siggy Flicker Loses Half Her Followers After #TwitterLockOut

I’ve been waiting for the employee of Siggy’s publicist to claim he was behind the Twitter Lock Out, but Brandon King has been too busy ranting about Flint, Michigan activist, @C1TY_0F_FL1NT to be bothered with actual Bot accounts. I swear, if Brandon and his boss, Vinnie, didn’t have anyone to harass, they’d have no reason to be on Twitter, they’d

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