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SCAM Alert PART 9; Marlena GoldNFeather Cherokee Catfish

 You might be thinking that the individuals who fell for Marlene Nadeau’s schemes were gullible but then Social Engineers and Con Artists always looks blatantly obvious in hindsight. Marlene Nadeau was very well known on twitter as @marlenan21, she interacted on Twitter quite a bit and a lot of people believed things she told them that weren’t true. Con Artists and

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SCAM Alert PART 7; Marlene The Mastermind

The WE Are America Campaign scam was a crude attempt at political astroturfing composed of too much imagination and not enough common sense or financing to back up its grandiose plans. The WE Are America Campaign and We Political Consulting recruited victims through social media and Craigslist. The recruited members were communicated with via email and Direct Messaging to get

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SCAM Alert PART 6; Was Missoula Community Access Television Scammed?

At least money wasn’t exchanged but it looks like WE Political Consulting found a recruit in Montana who in turn involved Missoula Community Access Television in WE’s political pyramid scheme. WE was awarded “up to 12 hours of MCAT staff time and all the television equipment needed” to produce a program to be broadcast on community TV.I’d be willing to

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