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Meet The Cast, Deleted Rauhauser blog Post; 2012

This post appeared on Neal Rauhauser’s blog in 2012. Take everything Rauhauser says with a grain of salt, he lies as easily as he breathes. MEET THE CAST This is all getting a little muddled – three big right wing conspiracy theories, half a dozen hoaxes, four Congressional races, thirty individuals, and a smattering of civil and criminal matters I haven’t even begun

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Rauhauser Complaint Against Patrick Frey; Deleted Scribd Document, 2012

The following was on Neal Rauhauser’s Scribd account and then deleted. It was written in 2012 and sent to the LA County Prosecutor’s office. Neal has a tendency to contact law enforcement to try and cover his ass after he’s caused trouble.Note in the second paragraph below that Neal claims Patrick Frey, aka Patterico, harassed and intimidated management at Daily

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Weinergate Redux; 2009-2014

The following Weinergate timeline was compiled by CattyIdiot and AsherahResearch. As they state below, it also outlines Rauhauser’s shenanigans. My comments are listed as OUB UPDATES in blue. A timeline of events surrounding Weinergate, which is largely morphed into a detailed look at the shenanigans of Neal Rauhauser. By Scott DeFazio & the Wicked Witch of Waterford   *means a

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Comments by Matt Osborne, Melissa Brewer, Neal Rauhauser; November 9th 2013

These comments were left on Breitbart Unmasked in 2013. This was before Matt Osborne admitted he was Xenophon. Breitbart Unmasked @OccupyRebellion • 10 months ago Before the Gosselin nonsense started, a sock account by the name of @Captien_Obvious (now @Captien_O) jumped on my timeline and Bill’s timeline. He was attacking us for what we were tweeting to Breitbart kooks. This

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Sheridan And KimberlinUnmask On SWATtings, May 2013

Mike Stack had a blog called CryingWolfe, Twitter account @KimberlinUnmasked had a blog called Kimberlin Unmased…they weren’t the same person but Sheridan has decided they are. Sheridan‏@OccupyRebellion @Kimberlinunmask How convenient Stack that you went back to your CryingWolfe blog one day after someone “swatted” Mike Rogers.2:06 AM – 4 May 13 Sheridan‏@OccupyRebellion @Kimberlinunmask You wouldn’t happen to know who swatted

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