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Infamous Birther Zapem Joins Team Siggy

Goodness Gracious! The never ending Siggy Flicker Vinnie Spina Scandal just keeps getting more and more bizarre! The latest development is that infamous Obama Birther and Anti-Semite, Zapem, is the newest member of Team Siggy using an account called @Deplorabelle! We captured just a few of Deplorabelle’s anti-Semitic tweets and posted them down below the break. She doesn’t actually hate

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Meet The Cast, Deleted Rauhauser blog Post; 2012

This post appeared on Neal Rauhauser’s blog in 2012. Take everything Rauhauser says with a grain of salt, he lies as easily as he breathes. MEET THE CAST This is all getting a little muddled – three big right wing conspiracy theories, half a dozen hoaxes, four Congressional races, thirty individuals, and a smattering of civil and criminal matters I haven’t even begun

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Comments by Matt Osborne, Melissa Brewer, Neal Rauhauser; November 9th 2013

These comments were left on Breitbart Unmasked in 2013. This was before Matt Osborne admitted he was Xenophon. Breitbart Unmasked @OccupyRebellion • 10 months ago Before the Gosselin nonsense started, a sock account by the name of @Captien_Obvious (now @Captien_O) jumped on my timeline and Bill’s timeline. He was attacking us for what we were tweeting to Breitbart kooks. This

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Twitter Timeline of Zapem; 2009

Zapem, along with Patrick Read (@SwiftRead) and Greg W Howard, tried to create Twittergate scandal. Zapem is the woman who sent an email to Breitbart and presented her brilliant plan to infiltrate Anonymous, create mayhem, and get Anons to attack the Left.  from 2009  ZAPEM “America: Love it or leave it!” Remember that phrase, Obama? Oh wait, you were growing

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VileTweets Retweets GregWHoward Timeline From 2010

@VileTweets and @oxyconservative were the Twitter accounts that collected nasty tweets made by Conservatives and then posted them on the viletweet.com website. Zapem, SwiftRead and Greg Howard decided to create a scandal by claiming Neal Rauhauser and a group of trolls called the BeanDogs (formerly Super Troll Crew) were working together to make Conservatives look bad by forcing them to make

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Chet Uber Talks With Zephyr, Neal Rauhauser and OsborneInk

Here we have Chet, the director of Project Vigilant, in a group discussion. Participants include Zapem (Joanne Joy) using her Zephyr account, Neal as Kookpocalypse and OsborneInk. @ZEPHYR5_ @OsborneInk Nice of @ChetUber to admit Michelle never said she was FBI either. He misunderstood. I got that in writing too. @ChetUber @ZEPHYR5_ @OsborneInk To be very clear that is the least

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