Comments by Matt Osborne, Melissa Brewer, Neal Rauhauser; November 9th 2013

These comments were left on Breitbart Unmasked in 2013. This was before Matt Osborne admitted he was Xenophon. Breitbart Unmasked @OccupyRebellion • 10 months ago Before the Gosselin nonsense started, a sock account by the name of @Captien_Obvious (now @Captien_O) jumped on my timeline and Bill’s timeline. He was attacking us for what we were tweeting to Breitbart kooks. This was around the time Steubenville was happening. All signs are he is Bullyville’s sock account. I have screenshots of Bullyville calling Popehat his friend. Screenshots of Frey tweeting to Bullyville’s attorney. Captien tweeting to many Breitbart associates. Captien tweeting as … Continue reading Comments by Matt Osborne, Melissa Brewer, Neal Rauhauser; November 9th 2013

Chet Uber Talks With Zephyr, Neal Rauhauser and OsborneInk

Here we have Chet, the director of Project Vigilant, in a group discussion. Participants include Zapem (Joanne Joy) using her Zephyr account, Neal as Kookpocalypse and OsborneInk. @ZEPHYR5_ @OsborneInk Nice of @ChetUber to admit Michelle never said she was FBI either. He misunderstood. I got that in writing too. @ChetUber @ZEPHYR5_ @OsborneInk To be very clear that is the least of the issues and I said we were left with a choice (criminal, civil, or public) – @ChetUber @ZEPHYR5_ @OsborneInk I felt that given the situation I did not see a benefit to our project to press any of these … Continue reading Chet Uber Talks With Zephyr, Neal Rauhauser and OsborneInk

Another Zephyr Meltdown

I’m not sure if this was Joanne or Jeffrey Joy behind the locked Zephyr5 Twitter account, the drunken rambling and baseless accusations makes me think it’s probably Joanne aka Zapem.I wasn’t aware there was a Killthecops hashtag nor do I know of any accounts that use them. I checked the hashtag, it hasn’t been tweeted since Jan 9th. I’m not sure if “text messages to ants” is a good thing or a bad thing.The Joys have the mistaken idea that being a retired cop and owning a private investigation agency endows them with special powers and privileges on Twitter.  But … Continue reading Another Zephyr Meltdown

Timeline Of Zephyr5 Locked Account

Zephyr is a member of the Joy family, owners of Vested Protection, a private investigation business, in New Jersey. These tweets date from June 4th  to Nov 20th and are full of crazy.After the tweets were posted publicly Zephyr closed it’s account.Note near the top of the Tweets that Zephyr is in communication with Kate Gosselin haters HarryTNacious, luvinglife1979 and finndango…Also note that Zephyr was a LOCKED account so only its followers could see its tweets. This let the brave “marine” zephyr tweet to people who couldn’t see his tweets and respond.Below are a couple of Zephyrs favorite topics and … Continue reading Timeline Of Zephyr5 Locked Account

Vested Protection Files 6 More DMCA Complaints

On November 19th, I received 6 versions of the letter below from WordPress.It was nice to see that, unlike GoDaddy, WordPress takes the time to investigate claims and doesn’t automatically suspend a site.The emails mentioned were never stolen, they were sent to Andrew Breitbart and released by after his death years ago. The emails appear across the internet. Hi there, We have received a DMCA notice ( for material published on your site. Normally this would mean that access to the material would need to be disabled. However, because we believe that it falls under fair use protections in … Continue reading Vested Protection Files 6 More DMCA Complaints

Yes, ZAPEM Worked For A Police Department

Original Avatar of Zapem Joanne Joy aka ZAPEM claims she never worked for the Records Department but this article from the Clark Eagle shows her claim isn’t true. Check the second paragraph in the second column. “This is not her first job in a police department. She worked with joy’s wife as a part-time records clerk before coming to Clark.” (clicking on the photo will enlarge it) Continue reading Yes, ZAPEM Worked For A Police Department

ZAPEM, The Surreal Housewife Of New Jersey

Ohai peepulz!It’s me Zile! Yes, it really is!Once again we had our annual costume party during Sunday brunch at Donatella’s with lots of candy and good stuff to eat. Everybody was drinking KiwiTinis. Donatella said KiwiTinis are very good for you and full of Vitamin C. I don’t think Donatella will ever catch a cold. The theme for our Halloween party was ViaViewFiles, the libel blog that’s become a meeting place for all the Twitter Monsters that hate Bullyville aka James McGibney. Just about everybody came in costume dressed as JoJo Camp, Tom Retzlaff, Neal Rauhauser, Hunter Moore, and other Twitter … Continue reading ZAPEM, The Surreal Housewife Of New Jersey

Dear Joanne; A Twitlonger by Jen Emick

The identity of Neal Rauhauser’s archnemesis Zapem hasn’t been a secret for years but for some reason Neal has been unable to find her.  In this Twitlonger Ms. Emick rips Zapem (and all her sock accounts) a new one.It’s funny. You can’t be serious · @asherahgulag  18th Jul 2014 from TwitLonger Dear Joanne (aka Zapem/Michele Lessick/Mathews, Mark Baybridge, G0thhat/Blyth3/Kelly Laurens, Recursive/Hexicon/Zephyr/Steve-the-fake-Lawyer/Roofer-or-pack-of-17-marines-on-alternating-days, Fake Lan Lamphere, Kamira Mathews, Z0pht the pretend hacker, the random guy who eats cheez whiz, etc etc ad nauseum) Just FYI, Joanne, because I know you’re up: I knew it was you from the moment Jeff grabbed the phone from you … Continue reading Dear Joanne; A Twitlonger by Jen Emick

A Special Kind of Crazy, Greg Howard and Zapem Oct, 2014

It was very strange to find a tweet from Greg W Howard on my timeline. We’re not friends. We’re not enemies either since we’ve only interacted once that I can recall. It was even stranger to see him tweeting about a conspiracy involving UniteBlue, the Department of Labor and the FBI. I’m not quite sure how a conspiracy like that would work.I don’t know much about Mr Howard but I know he’s being fed information from the Zephyr5_ account. In case you’re one of the few who aren’t informed, Zephyr5 is an alternate account of Zapem, Neal Rauhauser’s arch nemesis and … Continue reading A Special Kind of Crazy, Greg Howard and Zapem Oct, 2014

Neal Complains of Being Stalked To Twitter

Here Neal Rauhauser complains To Twitter Development about being harassed …. because Zapem was using his name. It’s hard to avoid doing that when Neal Rauhauser uses @NealRauhauser as his account name. Neal wants to be exempt from Twitter Terms of Service and be able to use deleted tweets for his “Forensics”.  What Neal does isn’t exactly Forensics since he’s admitted to spying on 2000 Twitter accounts. He has no legitimate, legal reason to spy on accounts and copy their tweets. You’ll notice several people tried to warn Twitter Dev about Neal. You’ll also see who supports this dead beat … Continue reading Neal Complains of Being Stalked To Twitter