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May Court Hearing; Vinnie And Her 8 Seconds

Happy Birthday! This is the May 8th hearing where Vinnie Spina lost her shit, as well as her fraudulent case.  Knowing the charges were to be dismissed on first amendment grounds, Vinnie had been trying to escalate her “false narrative” by filing more police reports and sending letters claiming I was still “repeatedly” harassing her. As most of you remember,

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Siggy Flickers Publicist Asks For A Felonious Favor

In the previous post which had the April court transcript I mentioned there was a story about how Vinnie got one of the complaints she filed dropped in court. She actually tried to get someone to commit a felony as a favor in exchange for dropping charges. In October of 2017, Vinnie filed her 3rd harassment complaint against me. She

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#RHONJ Publicist And New Jersey Court Transcript, April 19th, 2018

This is the transcript from the court hearing on April 19th which followed the March hearing. By this time Siggy’s publicist, Vinnie Spina, has sent a letter to Judge Guzman complaining about a conference the judge had with my lawyer and the prosecutor in the March hearing which resulted in all the bench warrants against me being recalled. She actually

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Court Transcript With RHONJ Publicist, March 22nd 2018

Below is the court transcript from the March 22nd hearing in the harassment cases filed against Shari and myself by Siggy Flicker’s friend and publicist, Vinnie Spina. This hearing addressed the bench warrants that were issued for my arrest. Unfortunately my attorney had to school the judge on what representation means. The “unidentified woman” in the transcript is the complainant, Vinnie

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Court Case Resumes For Iron Troll And Real Housewives Publicist

Court hearings resume for Iron Troll on Thursday, November 29th, in Paterson, New Jersey, after assorted reviews caused postponements. The case is now in it’s 19th month. The case was expected to be dismissed until the disruption at the last hearing, which resulted in a contempt of court charge against the complainant and sent the case into a review.

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Cindy Hyde Smith and Mike Espy Appear On Iron Troll

Zile Ohai interviews Cindy Hyde Smith and Mike Espy before Trump’s rally in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Hyde Smith and Espy are candidates in a run off election for the Senate being held Tuesday, November 27th. Hyde Smith was supposed to easily win the Senate seat on November 6th but a series of faux pas on her part has put her in

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