Vinnie Spina

Vinnie Spina is a disbarred lawyer who, under the name Antonella Mollica, ran a blog dedicated to Reality shows. The blog spent a lot of time bashing cast members who Vinnie didn’t like. Vinnie worked on her blog out of her husband’s law office, which is a violation of the terms of her disbarment, which were set by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

With the help of Brandon King, Vinnie, again using the name Antonella Mollica, started a cyber protection business for celebrities. This business was also run out of her husband’s law firm, using the law firm’s resources to contract their services and launder payments. The cyber protection they offered consisted mainly of using social media accounts with scary names and avatars to intimidate and fight with reality show fans who criticized their clients. They also did a lot of doxing (publicly posting personal information) which included posting the names and social media accounts of minor children.

When the cybersecurity business failed, Vinnie tried her hand at public relations (she’s a people person!) with a business called ADiamond Public Relations. Her clients were Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members, Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker. Dolores got wise and switched to a real PR firm after a few months, but Siggy Flicker stuck with Vinnie ( birds of a feather) and ended up getting fired for joining Vinnie in the harassment of other cast members and their fans.

Vinnie filed a felony harassment complaint against me in 2017. The case was stuck in pretrial for 19 months and along the way she filed 6 more complaints against myself and 2 on other individuals. The case was dropped after the prosecutor’s office realized Vinnie was using the court for lawfare and refused to continue representing her.


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