Neal Rauhauser Invades Syria

Two years ago an individual calling himself Oliver Tucket managed to hack some major Syrian websites. He claimed no current affiliation with Anonymous but felt he was part of an ongoing effort, a cyber war, being waged on the internet. “While this is pale and rather insignificant in comparison to what is happening on the ground in Syria” said Tucket “this is my very small contribution to their struggle”. 

Tucket had a Twitter account @olivertuckedout that he used to taunt Syrian Twitter accounts.

oliver tucket ‏@olivertuckedout 2 Sep 2013
is the internet still working #Syria ?

Oliver Tucket did his hacking in 2013. In 2014 a Twitter account appeared by the name @OliverTucket. This was a Neal Rauhauser account. This was not the first nor last time Rauhauser created a Twitter account to soak up the popularity from another person or cause (@kidkenoma, @electMarcoRubio, @occupythehouse, @occupyrebellion to name a few) 

After the account was outed as being an imposter, Neal changed the name to @AntiCrisisGirl which was the name of a covert Operation by the NSA to keep track of who visted the WikiLeaks website. Neal was outed again so then he changed the account name to @CaptienRobvious to harass a private investigator in Texas. Neal outed himself as the operator of that account on the libel blog, ViaViewFiles, run by Tom Retzlaff.

Neal could be a good spy but his mouth is as big as his ego.

pluto @frick_jerry
@OliverTucket @fuckj1 he’s grounded cuz he went to far from the house & now he’s not allowed out for three days

JΞSTΞR ✪ ACTUAL³³º¹ @th3j35t3r
PSA – @OliverTuckedOut you have an imposter posing as you. It’s already snaked up to me and been fairly promptly blocked. >> @OliverTucket

Joey Ortega @btyt_radio
@OliverTucket thx for your follow. Followed back 🙂

Don’t Potato @zileohai
RT @th3j35t3r: PSA – @OliverTuckedOut you have an imposter posing as you. It’s already snaked up to me and been fairly promptly blocked. >>…

Don’t Potato @zileohai
MT @th3j35t3r: PSA – @olivertuckedout you have an imposter posing as you. . >> @OliverTucket <<< is now@captienrobvious

Don’t Potato @zileohai
RT @ZiLeOHai: MT @th3j35t3r: PSA – . >> @OliverTucket <<< is now @CaptienRobvious aka Neal Rauhauser

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The account then changed it’s name to @anticrisisgirl. AntiCrisisGirl was supposedly a NSA code phrase.

Colibri Baby @colibribaby
#Repost @anticrisisgirl with repostapp.⁰・・・⁰как удобно и красиво в #pyrenex от #colibribabyboutique,…

Alyosha Sintsov @asintsov
@ANTICRISISGIRL @grsecurity @dabeave666 Yep, ASLR and other techniques will not help. But PAX_MEMORY_SANITIZE?

@ANTICRISISGIRL @TidesFury I don’t even try to keep up anymore. how about TESTICULARCANCER

@ANTICRISISGIRL @TidesFury nice twitter name. guess I should find some other NSA code word to use.

grsecurity @grsecurity
@ANTICRISISGIRL @dabeave666 There is one difference, but it involves an mmap’d allocation being possible under the heap base on vanilla

grsecurity @grsecurity
@ANTICRISISGIRL @dabeave666 no, they will. In terms of Heartbleed, a grsec machine will act no differently than any other Linux machine

Champ Clark @dabeave666
@ANTICRISISGIRL @grsecurity no biggie. Tested in house, Should have done that in the first place. Thank you for answering!

grsecurity @grsecurity
@ANTICRISISGIRL @dabeave666 no, that’s not how ASLR works. There is no obfuscation involved, the leaked content depends on heap layout

After @AntiCrisisGirl the account name was changed to Captainrobvious. Neal outed himself on the ViaViewBlog