An Error In Judgement; Bullyville Files Motion To Protest Judicial Errors

Last week, the judge in Texas was conscious long enough to give his decision regarding the new Bullyville trial. Cosby again awarded in favor of Neal Rauhauser, granting $300,000 in legal costs but reducing the sanction amount to $150,000.

 Judge Cosby basically gave Neal a license to continue his shenanigans. Naturally there will be an appeal but first team Bullyville filed a motion yesterday to modify Judge Cosby’s decision. If Cosby does not, there will most definitely be an appeal.

At this point, there have been so many errors and irregularities in this lawsuit that I feel confident I could argue the appeal and win. And I’m not a lawyer.

Chief among the errors is Cosby’s admission on record that he forgot to render a decision back in 2014 which caused Neal and his lawyer to file an appeal resulting in over $250,000 in legal fees which he is now expecting Bullyville to pay. I’m not sure how a judge forgets to make a ruling…that’s his job. He has a staff. Absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, more of the errors are covered in the Bullyville motion below.