Happy Birthday Neal!

Yes, today is the birthday of my very dear friend, Neal Rauhauser! In case you haven’t heard yet, Neal received a very special present from Bullyville and the Texas Court of Appeals. Bullyville won his appeal against Neal and the Appeals Judges further reduced the sanctions awarded to Neal all the way down to a big fat zero! Neal was originally awarded one million dollars, the highest sanction ever awarded in an anti-SLAPP suit.  So maybe the Appellate court officially turning Neal from a millionaire back to a pauper doesn’t sound like much of a present, but if you know anything … Continue reading Happy Birthday Neal!


Bless your little heart but no, a Cease and Desist letter does not mean you should start posting screen captures showing that you’re the actual victim and the other person is the villain. Because if you’re doing that you’re neither ceasing or desisting, you’re actually continuing. You might want to ignore what Disbarred Lawyer says and check the definition carefully and make sure you understand what it means and then consider what the consequences might be for you specifically. It’s not a game anymore, sweetie. Shit’s real now. Continue reading #JustSaying

Retzlaff Appeal Denied In California Bullyville Lawsuit

Well, this was pretty fast. Internet bad guy, Thomas Retzlaff just filed an appeal to get a rehearing 5 days ago. The court denied his appeal today. Retzlaff was trying to earn some money from his lawsuit but the court in California isn’t that dumb. They did award Retzlaff his legal fees but since he represented himself and had a court appointed attorney, his fees are close to zero.  Continue reading Retzlaff Appeal Denied In California Bullyville Lawsuit

California Bullyville Lawsuit Not Over, Retzlaff Files Appeal; july 20, 2016

Yesterday, convicted sex offender and serial stalker, Thomas Retzlaff filed appealed for a rehearing in the California Bullyville lawsuit.  The court already ruled in Retzlaff’s favor by deciding it had no jurisdiction over Retzlaff because he lives in Arizona. In his petition, Retzlaff consents to the court’s jurisdiction so that he can pursue getting sanctions and legal fees against McGibney. Consenting to the court’s jurisdiction also means Retzlaff consents to the restraining order against him, which was the point of the lawsuit.  Besides threatening McGibney, his wife and children, Retzlaff has also gone after all the board members of ViaView … Continue reading California Bullyville Lawsuit Not Over, Retzlaff Files Appeal; july 20, 2016

Bullyville Granted Appeal In Texas, Neal Is Mad

The Rauhauser v McGibney lawsuit has to be one of the strangest ever and it’s nowhere near over. Perhaps tired of waiting for the judge to remember his duties, Bullyville filed for, and was granted, an appeal in Texas. First, the judge forgot to render a decision in 2014 which led to Neal filing an appeal that lasted 2 years. Then the judge signed off on a sanctions motion that was unconstitutional as well as inappropriate for an Anti Slapp suit. This led to James McGibney (Bullyville) and his lawyer, Evan Stone, filing a modification of the sanctions to make … Continue reading Bullyville Granted Appeal In Texas, Neal Is Mad

California Court Sides With Stalker In Bullyville Lawsuit

Convicted felon, sex offender and professional conman, Thomas Retzlaff, won his appeal against Bullyville this week which resulted in the restraining order against him being quashed due to lack of jurisdiction. What this essentially means is that anyone who lives in California who finds themselves the subject of harassment or stalking via the internet by someone who lives outside of California, is screwed. This also means that Retzlaff now has a license to continue posting nude pictures of his daughter online, to continue posting death threats and threats of violence online, and to continue posting social security numbers and other … Continue reading California Court Sides With Stalker In Bullyville Lawsuit

GoDaddy Participates In Stealing Domains

If you have a web domain account with GoDaddy, be advised it’s subject to unlawful seizure by GoDaddy without notification. The Texas lawsuit between Bullyville and Neal Rauhauser has been pretty bizaare but the latest event in the saga involving GoDaddy and conman Thomas Retzlaff is worthy of America’s Dumbest Criminals.  The current status of Rauhauser v. Bullyville is that it’s an ongoing lawsuit awaiting a final decision by Judge Cosby on sanctions and penalties. Much of the original sanctions have been whittled away for being excessive but there still remain some major issues. Among these are the judges error … Continue reading GoDaddy Participates In Stealing Domains

BUSTED! Texas Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell Self Doxes As Blogger

Gus Pillsbury is the pseudonym of the blogger who created operationkleinwatch.blogspot.com  a blog that’s harassed private investigator, Phil Klein since 2007. There was another blog, notthisonetoojacques.blogspot.com, that also attacked Klein at the same time.  That blog’s editor called himself Sam The Eagle and is now known to be Thomas Retzlaff. Retzlaff currently writes the ViaViewFiles.net blog that attacks Bullyville and James McGibney.  But back in 2009, Klein filed a lawsuit to find out the real names of those behind the blogs. Eventually  Jeffrey Dorrell, an attorney currently at Hanszen Laporte got involved and successfully argued that  Klein was a public figure and thus the blogs were protected … Continue reading BUSTED! Texas Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell Self Doxes As Blogger

Catty And Tommy Converse; June 2016 UPDATED

UPDATE June 10th: As mentioned below, Catty’s reply to Retzlaff never made it out of moderation on the Viaviewfiles blog and was never seen publicly. Yet Retzlaff sent an email to his daughter, Brittany, the next day and referenced Catty’s reply. Then he filed another crazy motion in the California Bullyville lawsuit.  Retzlaff and Neal Rauhauser have both maintained that Retzlaff has nothing to do with the Viaviewfiles blog. Below is a recent exchange between Thomas Retzlaff and CattyIdiot that appeared in the comments section of the ViaView libel blog.  Retzlaff as “The Real TR” talks about a recent BlogTalk … Continue reading Catty And Tommy Converse; June 2016 UPDATED

June 3rd Hearing In The Bullyville Texas Lawsuit

Today James McGibney aka Bullyville had another hearing with Judge Cosby in the Texas lawsuit with Neal Rauhauser.  When the subject of apologizing to Neal as one of the sanctions came up, the judge allowed McGibney to speak freely for almost ten minutes to state his case against doing so. The judge will render his decision in another week or so.  Continue reading June 3rd Hearing In The Bullyville Texas Lawsuit