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Bless your little heart but no, a Cease and Desist letter does not mean you should start posting screen captures showing that you’re the actual victim and the other person is the villain. Because if you’re doing that you’re neither ceasing or desisting, you’re actually continuing. You might want to ignore what Disbarred Lawyer says and check the definition carefully

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California Bullyville Lawsuit Not Over, Retzlaff Files Appeal; july 20, 2016

Yesterday, convicted sex offender and serial stalker, Thomas Retzlaff filed appealed for a rehearing in the California Bullyville lawsuit.  The court already ruled in Retzlaff’s favor by deciding it had no jurisdiction over Retzlaff because he lives in Arizona. In his petition, Retzlaff consents to the court’s jurisdiction so that he can pursue getting sanctions and legal fees against McGibney.

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California Court Sides With Stalker In Bullyville Lawsuit

Convicted felon, sex offender and professional conman, Thomas Retzlaff, won his appeal against Bullyville this week which resulted in the restraining order against him being quashed due to lack of jurisdiction. What this essentially means is that anyone who lives in California who finds themselves the subject of harassment or stalking via the internet by someone who lives outside of

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GoDaddy Participates In Stealing Domains

If you have a web domain account with GoDaddy, be advised it’s subject to unlawful seizure by GoDaddy without notification. The Texas lawsuit between Bullyville and Neal Rauhauser has been pretty bizaare but the latest event in the saga involving GoDaddy and conman Thomas Retzlaff is worthy of America’s Dumbest Criminals.  The current status of Rauhauser v. Bullyville is that

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