BUSTED! Texas Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell Self Doxes As Blogger

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Gus Pillsbury is the pseudonym of the blogger who created operationkleinwatch.blogspot.com 
a blog that’s harassed private investigator, Phil Klein since 2007.

There was another blog, notthisonetoojacques.blogspot.com, that also attacked Klein at the same time. 
That blog’s editor called himself Sam The Eagle and is now known to be Thomas Retzlaff. Retzlaff currently writes
the ViaViewFiles.net blog that attacks Bullyville and James McGibney. 

But back in 2009, Klein filed a lawsuit to find out the real names of those behind the blogs. Eventually 
Jeffrey Dorrell, an attorney currently at Hanszen Laporte got involved and successfully argued that 
Klein was a public figure and thus the blogs were protected by the first amendment. 

Checking into those early years I found the following Amazon book review written by Gus Pillsbury.

Customer Review

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5.0 out of 5 stars The True Story of Charlie Wilson, May 11, 2008

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This review is from: The True Story of Charlie Wilson (History Channel) (DVD)
I am a lawyer and actually knew Charlie Wilson from his first term in Congress–he appointed me an intern in his Washington office in 1974. I used a 4-minute clip from this movie of his explaining how he got into politics (a neighbor poisoned Charlie’s dog when he was 13, and he skillfully organized constituents to vote the guy out of office by 16 votes) in a guest lecture I gave to a college government class on local politics. It was a big hit with the students. The movie is much more interesting than the Hollywood film starring Tom Hanks (even though Hanks does a great job) because it shows the real people and events, not actors and graphics.

If you look at Dorrell’s curriculum vitae (I’ve poked fun at Jeffrey Dorrell’s bio before. He’s the only person over 25 I know of who still lists high school accomplishments) he lists one of his past achievements was being appointed intern for Charlie Wilson in 1974.

If there was any doubt, clicking on the Gus Pillsbury link opens to a current review. Below it is one written by “not sam the eagle” referring to James McGibney as a pedophile.

I think the best characters in the book are the pedophile character James McGibney and the child abuser character John Morgan. Though the drug using lawyer Jay Leiderman is kinda funny, too.

Quite a surprise that esteemed first amendment attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, wrote a snarky blog for many years. But it does explain how he came to know Thomas Retzlaff. It also explains why Retzlaff would call Dorrell his close and personal friend. And explains why Retzlaff acts like he’s Dorrell’s pitbull and harasses opposing counsel on some of Dorrell’s cases.

It explains a whole lot.

One must wonder if Mr Dorrell has also been a contributor to the ViaViewFiles.net blog?


Link to original Amazon via google cache is here

Here’s a review from that account that’s since been deleted

1.0 out of 5 stars I Want Three Hours of My Life Back, March 17, 2012
By Jeffrey L. Dorrell (Houston, Texas) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott (The Klein Files) (Kindle Edition)
I want the three hours of my life back that I wasted slogging through this drivel before I finally shrieked and threw the book out the window. The tedium of the self-gratulating, first-person narrative is matched only by the author’s comic-book reasoning and “evidence” so laughable even Senator Joe McCarthy would have been ashamed to use it. 

This book reminded me of an episode of “I Love Lucy” in which Lucy Ricardo, convinced she was a brilliant writer, wrote a mystery novel. Ricky was shocked when a publisher approached Lucy to buy her spectacularly bad work. Lucy preened and gloated for a few days until she learned her book was to be used in a professor’s textbook on writing skills–in a chapter entitled, “Don’t Let This Happen to You.” Like Lucy Ricardo, first-time author Philip Klein is apparently clueless about how jejune his book really is. 

Hint No. 1: the publisher dropped it like a steaming horse apple, deleted Klein’s contact information from its files, and fled into the Australian Outback. The question is: why didn’t I?