GoDaddy Participates In Stealing Domains

If you have a web domain account with GoDaddy, be advised it’s subject to unlawful seizure by GoDaddy without notification.

The Texas lawsuit between Bullyville and Neal Rauhauser has been pretty bizaare but the latest event in the saga involving GoDaddy and conman Thomas Retzlaff is worthy of America’s Dumbest Criminals. 

The current status of Rauhauser v. Bullyville is that it’s an ongoing lawsuit awaiting a final decision by Judge Cosby on sanctions and penalties. Much of the original sanctions have been whittled away for being excessive but there still remain some major issues. Among these are the judges error which brought about the 2 year appeal and, most pertinent here, the disposition of internet domains that are owned by James McGibney. The issue here being whether or not the court has the authority to award property as part of monetary sanctions. Whatever the judge’s opinion, the lawsuit will most likely go into appeal.

Bottom line, it’s not over. 

Now Bullyville has another lawsuit in California with Tom Retzlaff. Retzlaff is NOT a party in the Texas lawsuit but has been sticking his nose into it throughout its duration. His interference has consisted of excessive emails, making threats of violence and death to McGibney, his wife and small children, and to the lawyers involved.

This week Retzlaff raised the bar on his own crazy by taking it upon himself to contact GoDaddy, give them an old copy of the sanctions from the Rauhauser case and convince GoDaddy that it was a valid court document. Then Retzlaff got GoDaddy to take the web domains,, and away from McGibney without any notification.

To top that off, Retzlaff got GoDaddy to give HIM the websites, even though he’s not a plaintiff or a lawyer. Retzlaff is not involved in the case at all. But he now owns the websites. Using a fake address and a fake phone number. 

 I actually have a problem getting my mind to encompass the incredible mind density it would require by the world’s largest domain purchasing business to allow some random person to completely bypass the constitution and property rights, due process and the judicial system. 

What Retzlaff has done is committed felony fraud and theft with GoDaddy’s help. Since GoDaddy is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, I wouldn’t be surprised if Retzlaff went to their offices in person and passed himself off as an officer of the court. Retzlaff is a career conman so it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done this. 

You would think that GoDaddy would have some kind of security check in place somewhere along the line. They should have contacted James McGibney. They should have checked to see if the court order was real and valid. Retzlaff is a felon and currently has warrants for his arrest. Did GoDaddy verify his identify?

 Obviously not. Whatever your opinion may be on McGibney owning these websites, the actions by GoDaddy should disturb you. They make it easy even for the world’s dumbest criminals.

 Way to go, Godaddy.