California Bullyville Lawsuit Not Over, Retzlaff Files Appeal; july 20, 2016

Yesterday, convicted sex offender and serial stalker, Thomas Retzlaff filed appealed for a rehearing in the California Bullyville lawsuit. 

The court already ruled in Retzlaff’s favor by deciding it had no jurisdiction over Retzlaff because he lives in Arizona. In his petition, Retzlaff consents to the court’s jurisdiction so that he can pursue getting sanctions and legal fees against McGibney. Consenting to the court’s jurisdiction also means Retzlaff consents to the restraining order against him, which was the point of the lawsuit. 

Besides threatening McGibney, his wife and children, Retzlaff has also gone after all the board members of ViaView and their families, ViaView lawyers and their families too. He also reposted nude pictures of his own daughter.

While there is a remote chance the court might side with Retzlaff and award him sanctions and legal fees, Retzlaff declared himself indigent so he has no legal fees. Personally I would contribute to a GoFundMe to pay the judge to pound Retzlaff on the head with his gavel.