Trump Child Rape Case New Amended Complaint

This is the amended complaint alleging rape against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein that was filed on Friday, September 30th. 

Surprisingly, Trump’s lawyer, Alan Garten, responded to the new filing:

“As I have said before, the allegations are categorically untrue and an obvious publicity stunt aimed at smearing my client. In the event we are actually served this time, we intend to move for sanctions for this frivolous filing.” -Alan Garten

LMAO at “in the event we are actually served this time”. Trump and his lawyer were served electronically back in June and chose not to respond to the summons.  For a frivolous filing, Jane Doe has been very persistent in pursuing her allegations against Trump. 

The amended complaint is below, following that is the affidavit from the new witness. You’ll also notice a new lawyer has joined the case. Katie Johnson, aka Jane Doe, remains in hiding.

The plaintiff’s request for a protection order is here.

The First Eyewitness statement filed in support of Jane Doe was by a woman who claims she was hired to procure underage girls by Jeffrey Epstein. That document is here.

Jane Doe, aka Katie, gave a video interview describing her encounters with Trump. Short clips of the interviews along with transcripts are here and here.

Katie also has a website called Justice For Katie that gives much more information.

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