More From Trump Child Rape Victim; #JusticeForKatie

UPDATE: The lawsuit that was scheduled to begin on October 14th has been voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff. A new eyewitness has come forward so Jane Doe will be refiling once again.

Another video clip from Katie, the woman who alleges Trump raped her in 1994 when she was just 13. 

The preliminary hearing for the Trump rape trial is October 14th.

More video clips from Katie can be found here and you can learn more about the Trump rape trial at

The one night that I had the blonde wig on, um he mentioned that I looked, like you know, I looked, I reminded him of his daughter, umm and actually the, the, the maid fantasy,? I didn’t have a blonde wig on. I was trying to stay away from blonde wigs…   but he actually requested, he told Tiffany that that’s what he wanted me to wear. like he wanted it and he’s and anytime I put it on, anytime I had it on and he’d see me and say Oh man, you look,, and it wasn’t like a “Oh you remind me of my daughter”, it was just sick, evil like “Mmmm, you remind me of my daughter” and just this weird pleasure, sick smile like I, I don’t even want to know what he was thinking about, I can imagine what he was thinking about.