All About All About The Tea; Part 1

There’s been a lot of effort recently to unmask Avatar Monica, the owner of All About The Tea. Unfortunately, it looks like any woman named Monica, or who sounds like Monica, could be doxed as her. In an effort to inform and to stop the Fail Doxes, we here at Iron Troll will be doing a series of posts about the real woman behind the avatar with links and screen captures to back up what we say. We’ll even give you an idea of what Monica really looks like (spoiler alert: she doesn’t look like her avatar).

Some of you out there need to slow down on the doxing. A name or a similar voice isn’t proof of anything, and using this to dox someone as Monica without evidence could backfire and cause legal problems for some of you, should any of these women feel like they’re being harassed or defamed.

On the other hand, there shouldn’t be any worries about legal action from Monica. Though she’s been filing complaints with YouTube against people who are talking about her, the law is pretty clear. You have a first amendment right to express your opinion and discuss anyone involved in a matter of public interest, if they’re a public figure or semi-public figure like Monica.

So those of you doing posts and videos about Monica, watch what you say about private citizens, but at the same time, don’t let Monica bully or threaten you. She’s been being shady, and doing shady, on All About The Tea for years and gotten away with it because she keeps her identity secret. This time though, Monica tried playing one of her games on YouTube so she can’t blame anyone else for what she said. Everybody saw. Everybody heard.

As for her real identity, Monica was doxed many years ago, but regardless, she goes through more names and identities like people go through Kleenex. So just for the record, her first name isn’t Monica, it’s Kenya.

Before she started All About The Tea in 2014, Monica was a writer at a popular reality blog called TV Fishbowl. For whatever reasons, she didn’t like Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives Of New Jersey. She started writing nasty things about Teresa in her blog posts, which upset Teresa’s fans. They started complaining about her lack of impartiality and long story short, Monica quit TV fishbowl to start her own blog.

So she was nasty back in 2014, too. During her TV Fishbowl days, Monica used her fake name, Monica Allen, with her fellow bloggers, but she used the name Dr. Suess on her blog posts. This was probably the only time she used an alias that people could tell was fake.

She’s still using fake identities to this day. One of the names she’s writing under now is Raissa Asunbo, who supposedly lives in Canada, but if you Google her, nothing shows up for her except her short bio and articles on All About The Tea. These days it’s just not possible for someone to have no personal information online.

Raissa Asunbo’s bio at All About The Tea

She’s also writing under the name, Nancy Zhang, a Chinese American who is a writer and personal chef. Notice that she went to LSU and has 2 German Shepherds.

Nancy Zhang’s bio at All About The Tea

This is actually funny in a twisted kind of way. If you check Nancy Zhang’s AATT articles and trace her early articles back through time via the internet archives, articles written by Chinese American Nancy were once written by Caucasian Nancy, an actress and radio host who also went to LSU and has 2 German Shepherds.

Nancy’s bio on All About The Tea

And before that, at the very beginning of the blog, Nancy was Dr. Seuss. Obviously, Nancy Zhang, Nancy the actress, Dr. Seuss, and Monica are all the same person.

We’ve got lots of tea on Monica. Her full name, country of origin, and police records as well as some of the shenanigans she’s been up to through the years. So check back soon. We’ll be posting on Iron Troll blog and on our YouTube channel.

13 thoughts on “All About All About The Tea; Part 1

  1. TAKE MY NAME: RAISSA ASUNBO out of your article. This is your last warning. If it’s NOT out by Monday 5pm, you will hear from my lawyer. This is absolutely unacceptable.

    1. Whether you’re a real person in Canada or not, I don’t think your lawyers can do much to impinge upon my first amendment rights in America.
      I might consider removing your name if you show me articles you’ve written in the past for anyone other than All About The Tea.

  2. Please remove my name from this article. It’s extremely irresponsible to post such falsehoods about a person. I am a real person. I live in Toronto, Canada. Remove my name immediately.

  3. I always knew who AATT Kenya Harrison is, her name has been out there for along time since 2017 as well as other names. As soon as you said Kenya despite me repeatedly saying in comments on videos what her name is they done solved who she is because you took too long. No shade here either. That’s what they said.
    I know they saw my comments.
    People are actually using the database Lexus Nexus program to dig up more dirt on her and paying private investigators, you should hurry up before this gets worse. LOLZ And do just do one post, these people going crazy. Yes, a private investigator is working on this too and I gave up commenting on the videos. My comments get buried.
    Fun Fact: Kenya has had many failed businesses in the past. Kenya lines she’ll companies to hide shit.
    To the person who asked about Ed. I know this, Kenya did something to get his ads suspended and google don’t work with you they accuse you of something and there is no appeal and if there’s is a human don’t look at it. So after his site shut down I know he had personal problems which I won’t get in but he for a while was selling these oils through MLM’s. I was told he quietly went back to real estate and keeps a low profile.
    Ed did not deserve what Kenya did to him. Ed if you are reading this, I used to read your blog and comment here and there and was upset for you at the end.
    Kenya has started problems not bony with Ed on his site but also with a blogger Tamara Tattles. She done messed with All About The Real Housewives Blog I can not stand her.

    1. Thank you. There was a rumor that was put out on AATT that Ed had passed away. Considering the ‘source’, I doubted it.

  4. Thank you irontroll! I can finally stop because u had the tea so many years ago and I’ve been hunting the net for a month straight. Searching Vinnie Spina and Shelley, Nancy Zhang and countless disquss @ so much harassment and pain. Thank you. Please connect it all. I’m almost there but missing connected pieces. Tvfb is where I started. Godbless u!

  5. Hello.
    I used to help run a Teresa Giudice Fan page and was harassed relentlessly by this woman Monica, Kenya who at the time tweeted under the handle @SeussSeuss who thankfully eventually closed her account a couple months after opening her own blog up and leaving the Fishbowl website.
    I am not ignorant on the fact Teresa committed federal crimes, I simply supported Teresa because I did not like how her family chose to join the show behind her back and how crazy Jacqueline Laurita tweeted at Teresa. You can search Jac’s tweets for yourself.

    I am sorry if this is all over the place, I am shaking as I type this. I saw this link on twitter and hesitated to click but am glad I did.
    The person originally running the Fan Page needed a break throughout the week and there was a few of us who who were happy to help. My only mistake was tweeting on my personal account I would be live tweeting on the fan account during the episode. Unlike “Monica” I tweeted under on my personal account using my real name and photo. I was on twitter at that time since 2008 and never had issues. Sure we had back and forth with other users about housewives and it got heated, maybe names like “stupid” were called but we always made up after the episode ended, I am still friends with some of them people to this day.. Seuss was friends with some of my friends that is how we crossed paths at first. I knew she did not like me because I supported Teresa and I did not care.

    I want to say this was around 2013 or 2014, it is when she opened her blog. The original person called “Monica” pathetic because she had a count down on her website for when T had to report to prison. Mind you, Suess tweeted to our account constantly and we responded maybe 3 times. The admin called her pathetic made Suess go crazy. She automatically assumed I tweeted it and misunderstood my tweet saying I would be guest tweeting under the fan page for me owning the fan account and since my personal info was out there she looked me up and found my job. This bitch called my job and told them I supported felons and that I was a felon because I had to be one if I supported one.It was surreal. Called my house and would leave messages telling me to back up and I would ask on twitter what she was talking about and what backing up meant and she would not answer. This may not seem bad but please imagine you working in an office setting and this articulate troll calls your job and says it was would be a shame if clients found out.
    This was 7 years ago, I deleted the messages I saved 2 years ago. I have no reason to lie. Seuss denied it was her so imagine my surprise when she started her youtube channel and I heard that distinct voice again. I will never forget that voice and having to explain to my boss housewives drama and why it was in the office.

    She photoshopped tweets of mine, you have no idea what this bitch put me through. I find it ironic she is complaining for things being done to her and she did those exact same things to me. I wanted to die. I was not the only she did this to. And it was over supporting Teresa. Monica ran several sock accounts like it was nothing. I was so happy her blog started to occupy her. The best thing happened when she made up story about Teresa Giudice and the government raiding her home that never happened. She was called out by law enforcement and major news papers. I don’t have the wherewithal to look this up, trust me it happened.
    I ended up deactivating my account and taking a break and unfortunately missed the 30 day mark to reactivate. This was at a time when twitter did not step in disputes.
    We had over 50,000 real followers on the account and never blocked anyone who disagreed, we did block if they were abusive, That was it. And that is another thing that would set her off when a troll account of hers we blocked. Her accounts started to be easy to identify. Teresa really bothered her for some reason also, she took it to a level where it was beyond creepy and hateful..
    I do not know who you are, I prefer her to not know my new comfortable twitter existence.
    Speaking of existence, my previous along with others was fine until Ed brought her along.

    1. Do you know what has happened to Ed of TVFishbowl?
      I’m so sorry that happened to you. A few of us got C&Ds that were VERY questionable!

      1. I don’t know Ed, but I’ve heard he’s still around.
        Some people use a C&D like it’s a legal action (it’s not), but really like “Just wait till your father gets home”

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