Garza and GAWMiners Guilty Of Fraud

Failed Internet Mogul, Josh Garza and two of his numerous companies GawMiners and Zen Miners were charged in December of 2015 by the SEC with two counts of fraud in the “offer and sale of securities” and one count of “sale of unregistered securities”. Garza had until December 28th to respond  but in his efforts to continue to prove that he’s one of the dumbest people on the internet, he didn’t bother to respond to the SEC’s charges so he loses by default.In their December complaint the SEC summed up Garza’s scheme quite simply: “Defendants used the lure of quick riches … Continue reading Garza and GAWMiners Guilty Of Fraud

Rauhauser Worked For PayCoin Shill, BadBitCoinOrg; January 20, 2015

The GawMiner scandal cost investors millions of dollars and GAW is currently under investigation by numerous agencies including the SEC. BadBitCoinOrg is a Twitter account and Blog that is supposed to research and report on good and bad crypto coin opportunities. The blog received a lot of scrutiny and criticism for it’s insistent devotion to GAW and its CEO Josh Garza despite evidence that it was a ponzi scheme. BadBitCoinOrg urged people to invest money and buy the coin created by Garza called PayCoin even though the coin continued to lose value. And after the SEC investigation was announced BadBitCoinOrg still insisted … Continue reading Rauhauser Worked For PayCoin Shill, BadBitCoinOrg; January 20, 2015

Carlos Garza Is On The Lam

Poor Carlos, Law Enforcement just doesn’t understand how frightened Carlos is of court hearings. In the summer of 2015, Carlos Garza was driving under the influence and flipped his car. He skipped his first court date and Brattleboro police put him on their Wanted list. Carlos finally contacted them and was given an extention and a new court date in October. Carlos skipped that too. He is now, once again, on Brattleboro’s Wanted list.I wonder if he ever showed up for his SEC hearing or did he ignore the enforcement subpoena ordering him to appear and cooperate? Click here for the … Continue reading Carlos Garza Is On The Lam

Neal Rauhauser Conversation with CryptoNews; February 2015

Neal Rauhauser initiated retaliation against CoinFireBlog because they reported the SEC investigation into GAWMiners. Neal’s RealityForger account deleted several tweets in this dialogue with CryptoNews but there are enough to give you an idea of how Rauhauser continued to support the GAWMiners ponzi scheme.You can get more info at via Bullyville 24/7 Crypto News‏@247CryptoNews We are horrified of what is happening with our fellow journalists from @CoinFireBlog and the pathetic’s @gawceo , #XPY & their adepts .6:50 PM – 1 Feb 2015 @RealityForger @247CryptoNews So @CoinFireBlog smears @gawceo, and your idea of journalist ethics is backing them? Puzzling. Sun Feb … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser Conversation with CryptoNews; February 2015

$20 Promise By Josh Garza Of GAWMiners; Dec, 2014

Here is one of the pronouncements made by Josh Garza where he promised his company GAWMiners (or whatever variation or incarnation it was at the time) would buy back Paycoin (aka XPY) for $20 each.   GAWMiners and Garza are under investigation by several 3 letter organizations for an assortment of alleged crimes.     GAWCEO  AdminModeratorIndustry Innovator Paybase Rescheduled Lets just get to it, first the bad news. Paybase has been rescheduled to 29th of December . We wanted to have it available to you by 23/24, but Wednesday is Christmas Eve and many of our staff will be … Continue reading $20 Promise By Josh Garza Of GAWMiners; Dec, 2014

Hashtaker Question And Answers With GAWCEO; January 2015

This is a question and answer session from the late Hashtalk website before Josh Garza shut it down.  GAWCEO AdminModeratorIndustry Innovator HashStaker Q&A Let’s hear those questions. Ask away! To get us started answering popular questions, one 3 month $9.95 HashStaker will make between $12-$20 in payouts for the life of the HashStaker, (in this example, in 3 months.) HashStake Timeframe: Once a HashStaker expires, it will transfer your principal Paycoin, (the original one you put in to stake,) back into your wallet. Think of it like this. A normal miner’s payouts declines with difficulty, so at some point they … Continue reading Hashtaker Question And Answers With GAWCEO; January 2015

Carlos And The Call Girl #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

October will be a very scary month for Carlos Garza! Besides being sued by the SEC to force his compliance with their ongoing investigation in to GAWminers, Carlos has a Vermont court date coming up. A couple months ago Carlos was trying to drown his sorrow, got a little overserved, drove while under the influence and flipped his car. Carlos should have gone to court for this long ago but just as he did with his SEC hearing, Carlos begged the court for extensions to delay the inevitable. However this month Carlos will have to put on his big boy pants and … Continue reading Carlos And The Call Girl #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

GAWMiner Lawsuit Has New Website

The lawsuit against Josh Garza and GAWMiners is moving slowly but surely. Those organizing the effort recently changed lawyers due to the sheer volume of plaintiffs and complaints. They also have a new website, dedicated to handling defendent’s claims.As I’ve said before, GAWMiners was probably one of the largest ponzi scams ever, perhaps not in terms of money but in victims. Those currently involved in the lawsuit hail from 49 countries across all seven continents with millions of dollars involved.  Some investors lost their life savings, some lost their jobs and some lost their homes.With so much data coming … Continue reading GAWMiner Lawsuit Has New Website

Rauhauser Manifesto: False Light & Tortious Interference; January 2015

I’ve posted this before but it always makes me laugh when I find it on teh googlez. You can see it in its original form preserved FOREVER on the wayback machine here along with 2 other comments he madeNeal posted his False Light manifesto after CoinFireBlog posted an article announcing that GAWminers was being investigated my the SEC. This post by Neal instigated retaliation against CoinFire and its editor, Mike Johnson. Mike and his staff received numerous threats of death and violence, and Johnson was sent a package containing dead rabbits.Neal was fired from his writing job because of his comment. … Continue reading Rauhauser Manifesto: False Light & Tortious Interference; January 2015

Badbitcoinorg Continues To Defend GAW, January 6, 2015

There was a lot of excitement when Paycoin (aka XPY) first came on the market on December 12th, 2014. GAWMiner CEO, Josh Garza, had guaranteed an eventual price floor of $20 per coin backed by huge investors and financial institutions. People invested in Paycoin thinking they’d make a bundle when the coin value reached the guaranteed $20. That didn’t happen, the coin never reached $15 in value. By December 29th, it’s value had plummeted, eventually worth just pennies. In the conversation below on January 9th, 2015, Badbitcoinorg continued to sing praises for Paycoin. You’ll see BadBitcoinorg use it’s favorite word “FUD” … Continue reading Badbitcoinorg Continues To Defend GAW, January 6, 2015