New Jersey Court Hearing Postponed Again

Yes, once again the harassment hearings have been delayed. This is the 14th month since the first harassment complaint was filed against me in Passaic County, New Jersey last year. It looks like it will be going for at least another month since we received word yesterday that today’s hearing for the (now) 3 harassment complaints against me and the one complaint against Shari W would be postponed.   There was no explanation given but as you  may recall, the last hearing ended with the complainant being declared in contempt of court. The case is currently being reviewed by the presiding judge. … Continue reading New Jersey Court Hearing Postponed Again

Another Court Hearing, I Am Still Everyone On Twitter

There was another hearing today which proved to be quite popcorn worthy. The court was to hear oral arguments from my lawyer on the motion to dismiss charges against me. It’s conceivable today could have resulted in the charges against me being dismissed but everything got waylaid when Vinnie stated she wanted the judge and prosecutor to recuse themselves from the case. Keep in mind that the judge and prosecutor today are the same judge and prosecutor who’ve been on the case for the last year. But today Vinnie wanted them both off the case. She gave no reasons, hadn’t filed anything … Continue reading Another Court Hearing, I Am Still Everyone On Twitter

Boxing Match Still On For Bullyville Versus Brandon

Bullyville, aka James McGibney, challenged career troll, Brandon King, to a charity boxing match back in March. Guaranteed a take home prize of $5,000, win or lose, Brandon accepted. What Bullyville and Brandon agreed to via Twitter is 12 rounds of mixed martial arts with a professional referee. I haven’t heard if a contract has been signed but I won’t be surprised if Brandon finds an excuse to back out. Bullyville is a former marine who works out regularly, Brandon is a former drug dealer who stays in shape by intimidating women on Twitter. Currently, a venue is being sought for … Continue reading Boxing Match Still On For Bullyville Versus Brandon

Bucky And Brandon On Break

The notorious Twitter harassment team of Bucky and Brandon (A1_Buckwheat and BKing13_) deactivated their accounts last night. Bucky is also known as Faux Reality, the blogger behind the blog registered in Brandon’s name. It’s anyone’s guess why the two of them did a synchronized dive off of Twitter together. It may have something to do with the upcoming harassment hearing on May 8th or perhaps it’s a defensive move after Brandon’s harassment of Christina Marfan last night. Christina is a writer who had the audacity to write an article about Brandon’s harassment of reality celebrities in March of 2017. … Continue reading Bucky And Brandon On Break

Team Siggys Doxer Suspended By Twitter

Another Brandon King account was suspended by Twitter last night after having spent Season 8 of RHONJ harassing and doxing people on Twitter for Team Siggy. This was just King’s most recent suspension. He’s had at least 46 accounts suspended before this one, that I know about anyway. As insane as it sounds, King has a reputation for doxing and harassing Real Housewives of New Jersey fans and people he doesn’t like, that goes back to 2014 when he was the co-creator of an online “security” business. For those of you who’ve been around awhile, Brandon was once a member … Continue reading Team Siggys Doxer Suspended By Twitter

Bullyville Is Back With Charity Boxing Match; UPDATED

    Update: I’m happy to say that shortly after posting this article Brandon accepted in his own sweet way.   ——————- After taking a hiatus, Bullyville is back with head down and horns up, going after internet villains. He’s starting with Brandon King. King is one of those chronic abusive social media users. He likes to dox and make threats online to show everyone on Twitter how tough he is. One of his favorite targets has been Bullyville aka James McGibney, due to a falling out they had years ago (Bullyville caught Brandon using his own kid’s pic as … Continue reading Bullyville Is Back With Charity Boxing Match; UPDATED

Brandon On Gab; April 2017

Below are posts made on that were copied from an account created by Brandon King, infamous troll and tool. The account name, UnderpantGnome may sound familiar to you, there was a well known account by that name on Twitter. Brandon stole the name for but naturally his account didn’t last long before it was suspended. Brandon has this idea that being abusive makes him appear macho but he just comes off as being a douche. The timeline is below the commercial break. As you read his posts you’ll see how obvious his homophobia and misogyny are. Continue reading Brandon On Gab; April 2017

The Fat Lady Is About To Sing, Flickers Publicist Under Investigation

While most everyone is aware of the court case involving Vinnie Spina and myself, many of you don’t know there’s also an investigation being conducted into Vincenza Spina and her husband, Patrick Spina, by the Prosecutor’s Office in Bergen County. The investigation also includes Antonella Mollica who is @A1_Buckwheat on Twitter. BullyVille, aka James McGibney, has been working with the Bergen County Prosecutors on the investigation since it was Bullyville’s bar complaint against Vinnie Spina that initiated the investigation. Bullyville’s complaint alleged that Vinnie Spina was in violation of her disbarment orders by sharing office space with a lawyer ( her … Continue reading The Fat Lady Is About To Sing, Flickers Publicist Under Investigation

RHONJ Problems Spread To Texas, Blind Gossip Item

Season 8 of RHONJ has been finished for awhile but the drama continues. Here’s a blind gossip item for recent developments: There are still a few people who can’t stop trolling on behalf of a former housewife. Most of this trolling is instigated by the housewife’s former publicist and the Troll King who both have online reputations for harassment that go back for years. They both used to pretend to be members of Anonymous to scare RHONJ fans who didn’t like the right housewife. But this year it seems the former publicist and her Troll King have run into problems. … Continue reading RHONJ Problems Spread To Texas, Blind Gossip Item