Pics Or It Didn’t Happen, Faux Goes To Court

According to Brandon King, the blogger known as Faux Reality has met with the prosecutor in Vinnie Spina’s court case against me. Faux, who says her name is Antonella Mollica, is a paralegal for the Spina Law Firm and Brandon’s contact person for the doxing he does on the firm’s behalf. I have to say I’m really amazed that Antonella paid a visit to the prosecutor since she doesn’t exist anywhere in New Jersey.  But then, after 10 months of Paterson Municipal Court, I really shouldn’t be surprised. This would be the same prosecutor who filed a jurisdiction motion claiming … Continue reading Pics Or It Didn’t Happen, Faux Goes To Court

Happy 50th Birthday Brandon!

With so much happening this week I totally forgot it was Brandon King’s 50th birthday yesterday. Last year on his birthday Brandon took time out from all the festivities and his trolling to file charges against me with the New Braunfels, Texas police department. It was a very touching gesture and even though it was probably done under the influence, it was the nicest thing Brandon has ever done for me! Many happy returns Brandon! Continue reading Happy 50th Birthday Brandon!

Zile To Be Executed By Team Siggy #RHONJ

Today the Municipal Court in the City of Paterson issued 2 warrants for my arrest, with bail set for 1500. This is to get me to come to New Jersey to answer to perjured complaints filed by Vinnie Spina in a jurisdiction where neither of us live, with tampered evidence claiming that I’m in violation of a law the New Jersey Supreme Court said last month can no longer be applied. To quell rumors being started by Vinnie and her tool Brandon, there is no one in Florida trying to serve me with warrants. This is not a Federal case, … Continue reading Zile To Be Executed By Team Siggy #RHONJ

Flicker’s PR Team Locked Out Of Twitter #RHONJ

Team Siggy being locked out of Twitter looks to be a theme for the New Year as the feud continues between Team Siggy and anyone else on Twitter who doesn’t love Siggy Flicker. The employee of Siggy’s publicist, Brandon King, has been locked out 4 times in 5 days. That was as of January 5th. Today, on the 6th, Siggy’s publicist herself was locked out of her A1_Buckwheat account. During lockout she’ll be forced to delete some hateful and abusive tweets. Meanwhile, she’s forced to use her @ChickenCounter account until Twitter decides to unlock the Buckwheat account. This isn’t the … Continue reading Flicker’s PR Team Locked Out Of Twitter #RHONJ

Team Siggy Harasses SheKnows Writer; May 3, 2017 #RHONJ

Attacking as a team is one of the specialties of Siggy’s core group of trolls led by Toni Mollica, aka A1_Buckwhat, of the FauxRealityEntertainment blog and her paid tool, Brandon King. If you check the Twitter timelines of Mollica, King, and crew you’ll find they spend most of their time on social media subtweeting about other people or trolling them. They do this for for hours and hours, day after day. When they attack one of the people they don’t like, it starts with one of them confronting their target with questions that evolve into accusations. As more of the group … Continue reading Team Siggy Harasses SheKnows Writer; May 3, 2017 #RHONJ

More Harassment From Team Siggy

I’ve heard Bravo doesn’t believe there’s a harassment problem on Twitter involving their Reality TV shows. Really Bravo? Does no one in your PR department ever google any of your Real Housewives shows? Nobody checks out any of the blogs that cover any of your shows? Never heard of Faux Reality Entertainment? None of your Real Housewives have ever complained about harassment? Oh wait, yeah, there was that heartwarming exchange between Andy and Siggy where he suggested she leave Twitter. to get away from the trolls… That was amazingly ironic since this year Siggy has managed to not only become … Continue reading More Harassment From Team Siggy

Oh My Goodness! NeNe Leakes?

Here’s a bit of juicy gossip I found on Facebook that I just can’t figure out, so I embedded it here. It was posted by the fabulous blind celebrity gossip site, Crazy Days And Nites. Their website can be found here, and reading the articles there will make your head hurt tring to figure out who’s who in the blind items posted. Despite all the time I spent filling in for Vanna at Wheel Of Fortune, I’m really bad at guessing games. I don’t even have a Flicker of an idea as to who is being talked about here. Continue reading Oh My Goodness! NeNe Leakes?

Siggy’s Team Goes Full Racist, 2014 #RHONJ

In this day and age, overt racism shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, particularly individuals in the public eye like cast members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Twitter conversation below took place in 2014. Of course, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania weren’t part of the Real Housewives franchise at that time and had nothing to do with the racist trolling that went on but that doesn’t give them a pass when those same trolls are members of “Team Siggy”. As Perez Hilton and other online magazines reported back in March, there was a business that engaged in trolling and doxing … Continue reading Siggy’s Team Goes Full Racist, 2014 #RHONJ

Texas Dismisses Trolls Bar Complaint

Score a point for justice and the good guys! The State Bar of Texas has dismissed the bar complaint filed by Brandon King against attorney Steve Harrelson. Those of you who follow this blog know the bar complaint was filed after Bullyville posted an affidavit from Harrelson about the real identity of Toni Mollica. The back story on Steve Harrelson and Brandon King is that Harrelson was one of the unfortunate attorney’s who represented Brandon during his decade long attempt to get custody of his kid. Harrelson had problems with Brandon and with getting paid so he withdrew from the … Continue reading Texas Dismisses Trolls Bar Complaint