A List Of JoJo Socks And Bots

This is probably only a partial list. JoJo, ex-con and hacker, prides himself on his mastery of Twitter. Because that’s his most accomplished life skill. @pinkypuffgirlz => 2894111401 @kjhgfdfghjklkmj => 2372046738 @laranjeiratuga => 2258828297 @mycoolnewegg => 1508358122 @egg4now => 3037054716 (SHARED WITH Jennifer Martinez, aka “Boo”, at some point) @kirstenolsonip => 603225928 @traceyglass => 532083405 @bullyville26 => 300010162 @bullyvillewatch => 1480504460 @cheatervillerep => 1067397193 @cheaterville1 => 444356339 @michalechowski => 1329398582 @plechowsky => 434138828 @lechowski1155 => 2327584767 @edd_lechowski => 1453037672 @filiplechowski => 557534164 @millvavigo => 2389839206 @tominek1 => 2663905162 @lechowskijerzy => 1322550836 @dianalechowsky => 2688196464 @rapzoataka => 261456320 @lechowskijasmin => 2663559171 @marcin_lech91 … Continue reading A List Of JoJo Socks And Bots

JoJo Tries To Hack Bullyville

This isn’t the first phone call JoJo has made to social engineer someone and isn’t the first time he’s failed at it.  JoJo sucks at social engineering and hacking -that’s why he spent a couple years in a federal penitentiary.For some reason JoJo tries to disguise who he is by lowering his voice. Like most criminals he assumes everyone else is an idiot and won’t figure out what he’s up to.You can find more articles on JoJo, past and present at Bullyville Continue reading JoJo Tries To Hack Bullyville

Retzlaff Stolen Valor Confirmed

ViaView recently received documents confirming that Tom Retzlaff’s military claims are lies. While he did briefly serve as an MP, he was discharged from the Army after 8 years as a Private. And it was not an honorable discharge. Not surprisingly, Tommy was forced to leave in part due to a stalking incident.Tom is a career criminal yet seems to have a fascination with the military and law enforcement. Besides falsely claiming to have served and wounded overseas, Retzlaff has impersonated a lawyer and an FBI agent. He actually dressed up in an Army uniform covered with medals he didn’t earn … Continue reading Retzlaff Stolen Valor Confirmed

Retzlaff Denied…Again

Tommy Retzlaff, career criminal, serial stalker and professional conman, has been trying to earn money with his lawsuit. The judge is not cooperating. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT  NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA  Before the Court is the Motion for Reconsideration filed by pro se defendant Thomas Retzlaff. Def.’s Mot., ECF 201. Defendant seeks reconsideration of the portion of this Court’s order denying his motion for sanctions against plaintiffs James McGibney and ViaView, Inc. pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 and 28 U.S.C. § 1927. See Order at 1, ECF 197. Defendant argues that a recent state court finding that … Continue reading Retzlaff Denied…Again

Rauhauser Loses

Ohai Jeffrey and Neal!You lost.  Whatever the outcome of the Texas lawsuit, whatever amount any sanctions, you lost.You proved this in that brief for sanctions you submitted to the court on September 4th and then later rescinded.  I’m no expert on lawyering but I don’t think you’re supposed to whine in documents you submit to the court. You’re supposedly an expert on the First Amendment yet you  were all butthurt over what CattyIdiot wrote in tweets about you and whined about them to the judge. Suck it up big boy, it’s called Freedom of Speech, remember? You’re a public figure … Continue reading Rauhauser Loses

Retzlaff The Psychic Psycho

On Friday, September 4th, a motion for sanctions was filed by lawyer Jeffrey Dorrell on behalf of Neal Rauhauser. Tom Retzlaff, who is not a party to the case, somehow knows that the motion is going to be filed and mentions it in a comment on his blog before it happens. (The motion was withdrawn later) Then Tommy makes another comment stating he had a gun pointed at McGibney’s lawyer, Evan Stone. On May 5th, Retzlaff had driven from Phoenix Arizona to attend the hearing in Texas. Evan Stone pointed Retzlaff out to law enforcement. Tommy didn’t like that. Continue reading Retzlaff The Psychic Psycho

Retzlaff Expects $292,000?

Tommy Retzlaff gets all the info on what’s going to happen in Texas before it happens! Even though he’s not a party to the suit somehow he’s privy to what attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and lawfirm, Hanszen Laport, are going to do before they do it.A motion for sanctions against ViaView was submitted on Friday, September 4th and then withdrawn again. The rescinded motion included a bill for services rendered by Dorrell and his team. In light of the emails below I’m thinking it was withdrawn so Dorrell can add Retzlaff’s legal services to the bill. Tommy has done so much work … Continue reading Retzlaff Expects $292,000?