9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Below are a month’s worth of Andie Pauly tweets, from April until her suspension on May 13th. @tboyddmd I better get ready for church. I am too pure for Twitter! LOL! Have a great day! Now post their national debt. https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 Venezuela…Socialist PARADISE…running out of…water. https://t.co/NryQqPrXZh https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 EVERYONE who cares about police should read and share this. If you don’t care about police…you will. https://t.co/9QcWcPgptz @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD I shared it. Beautiful! Thank you! @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD You too! Thanks again! RT @Incazzato2015: @NewRBEworld @brucechris24 @andieiamwhoiam BS!!! I’m Italian and ran away from socialism. Go there and try to … Continue reading 9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Andie Pauly Suspended Friday The 13th, Her Final Tweets

On Friday, May 13th, Andie Pauly was suspended. These are the tweets from May 12th, her last day. Pauly has long been known as a rabid racist. It was most likely her tweets about Trayvon and George Zimmerman that got her suspended. You can read more about Andie here. George Zimmerman finds an epic way to make money. He is auctioning the gun that saved his life from a violent thug. https://t.co/pEqlg3GWVL RT @velow1: @andieiamwhoiam Trying to blatantly signal then coward out instead of owning up to it. They don’t deserve the uniform! .@MsCon… Yes. They are at the Army … Continue reading Andie Pauly Suspended Friday The 13th, Her Final Tweets

Andie Is No Negress

Here are some comments made by Andie Pauly on a forum called USforum.net. She claims she’s not racist… Some special Andie quotes are:  “Liberals are sociopaths” and “I am no negress. I work.” Actually, Andie doesn’t work, she has a blog. Link to original is here Post by: Andie Pauly » Tue May 05, 2015 5:06 pm Brown people aren’t all as stupid as you are scottbrowning » Tue May 05, 2015 5:07 pm of course not… they just despise Republicans. All of them. Asians, Blacks and Latinos. In increasing numbers they hate Republicans. Every election. Post by: Andie Pauly … Continue reading Andie Is No Negress

Celebrate Being An Andie Pauly Feral With A Feral Avatar!

Olivia Crellin recently wrote an article for BBCTrending with Twitter’s Favorite Racist, Andie Pauly, as the topic. This made Andie very, very mad. We liked that. You can see Ms Crellin’s article here To commemorate this wonderful event here are some Feral Avatars for all those who’ve been labeled Feral by Andie. Glory in your Feralness! Click on any of the pictures and it will enlarge to full size. Generally a right click on the picture will then allow you to save the graphic to your computer so you can upload it to your Twitter account.       Continue reading Celebrate Being An Andie Pauly Feral With A Feral Avatar!

A Divine Comedy With Andie Pauly

Andie Pauly has a very appropriate quote by Oscar Wilde on her pinterest: I have a few Oscar Wilde quotes for Andie that are also appropriate: “A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.” “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” And my favorite: Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. Below you’ll find an in depth look at recent pictures of the real Andie Pauly. It was posted by someone on … Continue reading A Divine Comedy With Andie Pauly

Evil Auntie Andie Pauly

Andie Pauly and all her police reports reminds me of Sue Basko and all her FBI reports.  In both cases, I’m sure the reports go straight to the Quack File.Izzy Honey is Andie Pauly’s niece. and she’s been posting pictures and information on the real Andie Pauly.The first amendment gives Andie the right to speak her racist viewpoints, it also protects those who disagree with her. It just doesn’t protect them on Twitter.In any case, I don’t think the family will be going to Andie’s house for Easter.  Izzy Honey @IzzzyHoney @andieiamwhoiam @Sravargassss no Ugly fat blobs on my sight THANKS ! … Continue reading Evil Auntie Andie Pauly

Andie Pauly And Her Hanged Tweets

These are tweets from Andie Pauly’s timeline using the keyword “Hanged”While Twitter upholds free speech no matter how awful it might be, if enough people report an account for being offensive, it will get suspended. So…The links are still active in these tweets. Clicking the date on each tweet should give you a link to click that will take you to the actual tweet on Twitter where where you can report it. Or you can be creative and search Twitter with using from:andieiamwhoiam and a keyword of your own. <div class="tweet original-tweet js-original-tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-profile-popup-actionable " data-component-context="tweet" data-disclosure-type="" data-expanded-footer=" 5:59 … Continue reading Andie Pauly And Her Hanged Tweets

Izzy Shows Family Photos of Aunt Andie Pauly; February 2016

Andie Pauly created her Twitter account on March 17th of last year and has managed to get nearly 14,000 followers. This is due partly to Pauly’s having been elsewhere on the internet for quite awhile building a reputation as an outspoken and controversial conservative. But the main reason Andie is so popular is because her avatar picture shows her as a very beautiful woman. Andie’s niece, Izzy Honey, decided she’d had enough of Auntie Andie and her racism so she corrected a few misconceptions about Andie… like what she really looks like.And yes, Izzy was vetted. She was really the niece of … Continue reading Izzy Shows Family Photos of Aunt Andie Pauly; February 2016

Santa’s Naughty List For 2015

These are the naughtiest kids on Santa’s Naughty List 2015 and why they’re on it. The K8 H8ers: Tami, Lora, Jen and all the others for spending way too much time in their crusade to “Save the Gosselin Kids” by bashing their mother Kate and attacking her fans. Brandon King: a Total Tool Chet Uber: earlier this year Chet admitted he is a Benzodiazepine addict. And that he’s been taking Benzos for 35 years. 35 years. Since 1980. This validates my belief that Project Vigilant was conceived by someone on drugs and run by someone who was high. Vinnie Spina: the disbarred attorney waging … Continue reading Santa’s Naughty List For 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Andie Pauly! Anus n Andie Reunited

Happy birthday to Andie Pauly! She turns 50 years old December 20th! A half a century! Like many Black women, she doesn’t show her age! A birthday so close to Christmas is extra special. Maybe if she wishes real hard the Birthday Fairy and Santa Claus will pitch in together and give her a totally White Christmas.For her 50th birthday it seems appropriate to do a parody of Amos n Andie, a well known comedy show from 50 years ago featuring two actors in black face portraying Black men. There’s some reverse irony in that.Below is a bit of her recent … Continue reading Happy 50th Birthday Andie Pauly! Anus n Andie Reunited